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Data networking infrastructure

Datanet Systems is one of the few local system integrators able to guarantee the availability and performance of its customers' infrastructure, possessing multi-vendor competencies. We provide full Data Networking Infrastructure solutions for enterprises (LINK) and for service providers (LINK), through a wide portfolio of premium technologies, including:

  • active data networking infrastructure equipment;
  • infrastructure counting and configuration tools;
  • infrastructure management systems;
  • security solutions;
  • data network performance management systems;

Datanet Systems also provides analysis, consultancy, implementation, development, and support services. The end-to-end solutions provided are pretested in the Datanet laboratory, which allows for the replication of the various customer scenarios and configurations. Datanet's offer is backed by certifications and by the expertise acquired through the numerous implementations.



Due to the technologies and the access speeds, the threats and the security systems, the increasing number of network connection devices, the enterprises' communication infrastructure is an extremely dynamic field. Datanet Systems provides medium- and large-sized enterprises with complete data infrastructure solutions, developed based on specific requirements. Datanet clients can pretest the chosen equipment and configurations in real environments, which allows them to quickly identify and eliminate interoperability issues and helps attain optimum performance parameters.

Datanet solutions and architectures, validated by the implementations carried out in various industries, include networking equipment and applications and go as far as advanced security tools and monitoring platforms, performance control and management, provided by various vendors.          



Datanet Systems offers telecom service providers scalable data infrastructure solutions, able to respond to specific flexibility, speed, and availability requirements. The state-of-the-art technologies offered are optimized both in terms of purchase, and in terms of operation cost. Due to its multi-vendor competencies and the experience acquired pursuant to the numerous projects developed, the company possesses the know-how required in order to present a flexible offer, adapted to the customer's requirements.

Datanet Systems' offer includes solutions and equipment, up to pretested configurations, infrastructure topologies validated through national projects, services for the design, installation, traffic migration from existing to new infrastructures.

Datanet Systems Partners: Cisco

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  • Cisco Catalyst Switches;
  • Cisco ASR Routers;
  • Cisco ISR G2 Routers;
  • Cisco ISR 4K;
  • Cisco Nexus Switches;
  • Cisco 7600/6500.


  • Hierarchical and scalable architecture with a high software and hardware resiliency degree
  • Supports various traffic levels: from low to high speeds of 10Gbps and more
  • Multiple interconnection possibilities: Ethernet, T1/E1, PRI
  • Provides processed traffic increase possibilities without requiring hardware replacement/by licensing
  • Flexibility
  • Virtualization (ISR 4k).



  • Cisco APs;
  • Cisco WLC;
  • Cisco wIPS;
  • Cisco MSE.


  • Mobility and security;
  • Low network development costs;
  • Unique, integrated management of all access points;
  • Capabilities to reject and prevent unauthorized hot spots within the company;
  • Capabilities to provide guest internet access, through the integration with identity management solutions (ISE);
  • User localization capabilities.


As the complexity, diversity of network connection devices and of their interaction have increased, the network administrator's needs have also changed. The operation and maintenance of medium- or large-sized networks, made up of heterogeneous equipment providing various services, are impossible without dedicated platforms.

Datanet Systems' portfolio includes a wide range of solutions for data network management, covering both the performance and fault management, and the configuration and counting management. Datanet System also provides services for the design and development of additional modules, providing new features, meant to cover the customers' business needs.

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  • Unified ‘wired ’ and ‘wireless’ network management platform;
  • Provides visibility and control over the applications running in the network;
  • Offers predefined configuration templates for new features, such as: IWAN, Application Visibility and Control, 802.1x, Easy VPN, GET VPN, DMVPN, QoS profiles, including Wireless Controller feature configuration templates: Clean Air, Flex Connect, Load Balancing, SIP Snooping;
  • Native integration with Cisco Identity Service Engine(ISE) and Cisco Mobility Service Engine(MSE);
  • New datacenter equipment management features: Cisco UCS B&C Series, Nexus 9000;
  • The Operations Center platform allows for the aggregation of management information from multiple Cisco Prime Infrastructure instances.



  • Solution available in two versions: StableNet Enterprise addressing enterprises and StableNet Telco for telecom operators and ISP;
  • Apart from the classical management areas, it also includes features for the management of servers, applications, services, VoIP, as well as process management and automation;
  • Allows for the monitoring of all SNMP interrogation capability devices, regardless of the producer or of the platform, offering expanded applicability in several fields;
  • Allows for the monitoring of all SNMP parameters available on the monitored equipment, by creating custom measurements;
  • Provides advanced configuration management features, including backup and restore, audit for the verification of compliance with both the company's standards and the various industry-specific standards, vulnerability check;
  • Offers a flexible reporting module, which allows for the development and customization of reports, so as to respond to the most specific requirements;
  • Offers the possibility of integration with various external systems, such as ticketing systems, SMS-GW, Text-to-Speech solutions, or allows for event-triggered script execution;
  • Possibility to implement a Cloud-based solution, with Software-as-a-Service monitoring capabilities.



  • Solution suitable for the management of heterogeneous small- and medium-sized networks;
  • Low cost;
  • Intuitive and customizable web interface, also available on mobile terminals;
  • Intelligent alert module, allowing for the configuration of correlated event alerts;
  • Allows for the monitoring of all SNMP parameters, through the creation of customized measurements;
  • Provides DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) features;
  • The following modules may be added for additional features: Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Network Configuration Monitor (NCM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), and VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM).