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Virtualization and cloud orchestration

Datanet Systems holds an extensive portfolio of multi-hypervisor virtual solutions, covering server and storage equipment virtualization, up to Virtual Desktop projects. We provide consultancy, design, implementation, and virtual infrastructure configuration services, as well as migration solutions from physical to virtual environment.

Datanet Systems virtualization solutions ensure:

  • physical infrastructure strengthening;
  • resource use optimization;
  • management process automation;
  • software and data security improvement.

Datanet Systems provides enterprises with full Cloud infrastructure integration services, as well as as-a-Service delivery models (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), and offers business process and infrastructure service automation tools.

Datanet's offer also includes orchestration solutions, which unitarily integrate Cloud infrastructures, virtual environments, and physical infrastructures, and facilitate the management thereof from a single application.

The orchestration solution offered by Datanet Systems allows for:

  • unification of management and monitoring interfaces;
  • infrastructure management process efficiency increase;
  • service allocation simplification;
  • dynamic resource provisioning;
  • resource use control through cost models;
  • operational efficiency increase.

The premium solutions offer and the services provided by Datanet Systems ensure the simplification and streamlining of the complex infrastructure management process. Datanet Systems' expertise and competencies, as well as the possibility to pretest the proposed solutions and configurations in real-life scenarios allow for the quick achievement of the sought benefits.

Datanet Systems Partners: VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco.

Datanet portfolio products and technologies:


Tab Virtualization and cloud orchestration


Products: VMware ESXi, VMWare VCenter, Hyper-V, KVM.


  • Server virtualization guaranteeing a high level of service availability;
  • Automated management methods;
  • Operational intelligence, which helps the solution adapt to changes in the hardware environment;
  • Optimizing the use of resources through automated load distribution between several pieces of hardware.


Products: VMWAre VDI, Citrix XenApp.


  • Solutions allowing the users to access their own virtual desktop in only a few clicks;
  • Offer instant, easy, and secure access to applications throughout the organization;
  • Offer support for a wide spectrum of access equipment.


Products: UCS Director, OpenStack.


  • Unified datacenter infrastructure management solutions;
  • Replace manual provisioning with automated flows;
  • Increase operational efficiency;
  • Can be applied in multi-hypervisor environments.