Social distancing and the current economic context lead customers to turn more and more often to alternative communication channels, instead of direct interactions with suppliers. The situation generates a load increase in Contact Centers. Some large players in the online commerce and financial services market declare a threefold increase in their activity volume. However, the main challenge is to process these requests using existing resources, while also considering that it is currently difficult to hire and train new agents. In the following article, Datanet Systems offers a series of process automation solutions that enable increased efficiency in Contact Centers and increase customer satisfaction.


Unification of multi-channel interaction

One of the first solutions recommended by Datanet specialists to increase the capacity of Contact Centers is to diversify the contact channels and unify them. “By introducing email usage and instant messaging, customers are no longer limited to phone calls. This results in lower agent load levels, and customers no longer have to wait in line to receive answers. In addition, the unification of communication channels also ensures the unitary management of customer interaction. Applying a common set of rules and procedures increases communication consistency and decreases request processing time” – Cornel Chirculete, Technical Director at Datanet Systems.


Delivering automatic responses via chatbots

Both mails and webchat messages can be picked up and processed directly by agents. But many callers ask for common information, and providing answers takes time. However, such requests can be solved with the help of chatbot solutions developed by Datanet specialists. Based on the algorithms defined, chatbots “understand” customer requests and deliver automatic responses according to a set of rules and using existing information resources. The solutions are designed in such a way that when the customer does not obtain the desired answer he can request the intervention of a human interlocutor. The allocation of requests is made automatically, taking into account the availability of agents and their area of competence.


Automating processes through Robotic Process Automation applications

Robotics Process Automation applications developed by Datanet simplify the work of agents with IT systems in the background. “For example, for processing requests or printed forms sent by customers by mail, we can develop a custom RPA application that retrieves the data, processes it, and automatically enters it into another solution. This reduces agent effort, increases availability – applications can be processed 24 hours a day – and eliminates human errors. Moreover, if the data used is well structured and the defined rules apply in at least 90-95% of cases, RPA applications can also be used for decision-making” – Iulian Adrian Radu, RPA Developer at Datanet Systems.


Reduced effort with Speech/Voice Recognition solutions

Datanet specialists can help you leverage Your Speech Recognition and Voice Authentication technologies in different work scenarios in your Call Center. For example, Speech Recognition solutions can be used similarly to chatbots, recognizing the type of request, and delivering a predefined response to the caller. Both chatbot solutions and Speech Recognition applications can direct to Self Service resources – sections of the company’s website, FAQs, automatic document generation pages, etc. – highly valued at present. In turn, Voice Authentication technology can be used to automatically identify and authenticate the caller. Thus, when taking the call, agents no longer waste time searching for the necessary information, having automatic access to identification data, transaction history, previous requests, etc.


“All these solutions are only generic tools, their value is given by the integration and customization services provided by Datanet. There are no two identical Contact Centers and, even if customer requests are somewhat similar, it is completely different from one organization to another. We have the competitive advantage that we have both solutions and skills, as well as experience and a good knowledge of the specific problems of Contact Centers.” – Radu Sârbu, Multiservice Team Leader at Datanet Systems.


More details about our call center process automation solutions

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