Datanet Systems

We are looking for enthusiastic and intelligent individuals, that reflect the large number of customers and markets we address.

Datanet Systems’ culture is one that really values the individual. There is a strong sense that each person’s contributions are significant, also taking in consideration the company’s dimensions. If you do your job to the best of your ability, management expresses appreciation and acknowledgement.

We use behavior-based interviewing techniques, which help us evaluate candidates on what skills they would call upon in a given situation. But we don’t just measure core skills of the given job description; we also evaluate the person’s decision-making ability, creativity, multiple perspectives, values, ability to deliver results, and ability to mesh with our culture.

Take a look at our vacant positions and find one that may suits you perfectly, then send us your Curriculum Vitae together with your Cover Letter at: or complete the form in this page, and let us contact you for an interview.