What are the benefits of cybersecurity services (SECaaS)?

In Cyber Security, the lack of resources (people, skills, tools) is already acute, while external and internal attacks are increasing. For this reason, contracting cybersecurity services (Security as a Service) becomes the most practical choice for companies that want to ensure a high level of security. An annual study conducted by Cisco in Romania showed …

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Software Defined Network, an old solution to new problems

SDN has gained increasing popularity, in the last few years, among different types of companies.
Considered three to four years ago, a solution strictly reserved for data centers and large service providers, SDN has begun in recent years to grow even more among other types of companies.

Are you prepared for a DDoS attack?

In 2017, 84% of organizations have faced at least one Distributed Denial of Service attack. Have you ever calculated what damage you would suffer if you were facing such an attack? Do you know how to manage an attack of over 1 Gbps? Can you distinguish between a peak of legitimate traffic and a potential threat?

IoT 2018 – Trends and adoption in the utilities sector

In the last 12 months, the adoption of Internet of Things technologies has gained momentum.
The offer has diversified rapidly, technologies have begun to mature and standardize, and, most importantly, more and more “early adopters” report positive returns on investment. Among them, water and wastewater companies are beginning to become more and more numerous.

Increase productivity of mobile employees with collaborative video

With the increased adoption of mobility and the number of employees working remotely, video collaboration has become a critical requirement for more and more companies. However, even if it’s the same need, there is no universal answer valid for all organizations. The solution Datanet Systems specialists offer consists in developing and customizing Cisco Cloud-based and on-premises technologies in tailor-made solutions adapted for each company.

Could you detect hidden threats in encrypted traffic?

The increase in regulatory levels, multiplication and diversification of security risks force organizations to make extensive use of traffic encryption. But more and more hackers use encryption to camouflage their malware attacks and threats. Datanet can help you overcome this deadlock with the new Cisco ETA technology and make your investment in security solutions more profitable.

4 Good Reasons to use a Network Management Solution

Complexity, heterogeneity and network loading are steadily increasing, making the use of Network Management solutions a prerequisite for resilience. Of course, the cost issue remains, but Datanet specialists can help you quickly cushion them and get a better return on investment.

CloudLock-Umbrella, a tandem with extended coverage

Do you control how your employees use your company’s Cloud applications? Can you detect abnormal activities that indicate a compromised account or a security policy violation? Do you have solutions to solve such incidents? Can you guarantee the protection of each mobile device? If you do not have the correct answers yet, find out below how Datanet Systems can help you meet all these critical requirements.

Unified Communications help you improve clients’ relations

Using Unified Communications solutions in Contact Centers can ensure increased quality of interaction with end customers and lower internal costs. In order to move from possibility to certainty, you need not only the technology that generates more operational efficiency, but also a partner to manage this process.

5 Solutions for the Security Infrastructure Automation

91% of the organisations claim that manual identification and remediation of security incidents affect their speed of reaction. Considering that attacks continuously grow in number and complexity, the automation of security measures provided by Datanet Systems by the means of Cisco technologies can help you be much more efficient and proactive.

Extend the benefits of hyperconvergence with Cisco HyperFlex 3.0

The mass adoption of Cloud environments determines more and more companies to carefully look at the option of hyperconvergent IT infrastructure solutions. Benefits are easy to measure, but market is changing rapidly, with suppliers updating their portfolio on the go, in order to meet new requirements. Datanet Systems can help you make the right choice and get the expected results.

3 reasons to improve users’ access to your organization

More than two-thirds of current security breaches are based on inefficient authentication systems and/or stolen passwords. (*) If you want to eliminate identity and access management issues and increase the level of protection of the entire organization, Datanet Systems offers the solution of a complete security architecture based on the Cisco ISE solution, over which applications from different vendors can be integrated.

Changes Brought by the new General Data Protection Regulation

In 10 months from now, the new General Data Protection Regulation will come into force, bringing major changes in how to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of personal data of European citizens. Datanet Systems can help you meet the mandatory IT security requirements of the legislative act, thus eliminating the risk of penalties. Since …

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