Statistics show that network traffic increases by 30% annually, more than half being generated by accessing cloud media. Traditional networks (WANs) do not cope with such an evolution, nor can they efficiently and securely manage workflows in the public cloud. However, you can overcome these challenges with the Cisco SD-WAN solution. Developed based on the Viptela application, purchased in 2017, the Cisco SD-WAN is a mature solution, fully integrated into the Cisco portfolio. With numerous global implementations, the solution is listed as a market leader by Gartner analysts.

The Cisco solution stands out with a number of important competitive advantages:

  • extended scalability – Cisco SD-WAN is specifically designed for managing WAN architectures with numerous geographically distributed work points, subsidiaries, and/or subsidiaries;
  • allows the development of Hub-and-Spoke scenarios, with several hubs;
  • supports multiple routing protocols;
  • offers numerous automation options and functionalities such as Zero-touch Deployment / Provisioning;
  • allows advanced configurations via the unique network management and orchestration console.

All these features ensure increased operational efficiency in network administration and lower operating costs. These add to the direct savings that SD-WAN provides by replacing the classic MPLS links with 3G, 4G LTE connections and direct Internet access (DIA). Earnings also include the ability to reuse existing Cisco network equipment. Cisco SD-WAN uses ASR and ISR routers and allows companies to optimize their investment. It is also important to mention that in the Cisco SD-WAN offer, the controllers (through which the routing, access control, segmentation, etc. policies are defined and applied at the level of the entire network) do not imply a distinct additional cost.

The return on investment also increases because the Cisco solution natively integrates a number of security features that can be enabled in both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. These include firewall capabilities, Secure Web Gateway, DNS and URL filtering, IPS.


The most common Cisco SD-WAN work scenarios

Flexibility and scalability allow the use of Cisco SD-WAN in different work scenarios. Datanet Systems specialists can adapt and customize the solution to the specific infrastructure and requirements of each company. Here are the most common customer requests:

Creation of a geographically distributed WAN with a high level of security and automation.The Cisco solution ensures compliance requirements, including in areas with strict regulatory levels, such as the financial-banking industry, health, utilities, or government. Cisco SD-WAN allows for advanced segmentation (at business line level, branch, partner network, etc.), as well as automation of implementation and configuration processes (through Zero-touch capabilities).

Optimizing and guaranteeing application performance. With Cisco SD-WAN, administrators can monitor application performance and network performance in real-time. The solution allows the automatic definition and application of policies for critical applications so that they comply with quality requirements (QoS) and agreed SLAs.

Direct and secure Internet access. Through integrated security features, Cisco SD-WAN provides a level of protection similar to that achieved at headquarters, giving subsidiaries freedom and flexibility. The solution automatically creates secure VPN connections over the Internet, allowing companies to benefit from more bandwidth at a low cost.

Protected access to multi-Cloud environments. Cisco SD-WAN provides a suite of tools dedicated to optimizing and automating connections to cloud environments. The solution provides real-time visibility into cloud traffic, as well as workflow control and policy enforcement. It is compatible with major public cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform).


Earnings reported by users

The analysis conducted last year by IDC on a sample of organizations from the financial-banking, healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy and retail industries showed that by using Cisco SD-WAN they obtained:

  • 65% reduction of connectivity costs;
  • 2.25 times higher bandwidth;
  • operating costs decreased by 38%;
  • The launch speed of new applications increased by 59%;
  • A 45% reduction of application latency ;
  • 94% reduction of unplanned downtime risks.

For more details on how these benefits have been achieved, please visit the IDC Study “The Added Value of Cisco SD-WAN Solutions. Benefits reported by users” (requires registration).


The advantages of collaborating with Datanet Systems 

The experience in network infrastructure and the advanced skills of our specialists (we are Cisco’s main local partner) allow us to deliver the turnkey Cisco SD-WAN solution.

Datanet has the capacity to provide and deliver nationwide all the necessary services, from analysis, design, implementation and configuration of the SD-WAN network, to training, maintenance, development and service, with guaranteed SLAs and intervention times. The network architecture that our specialists propose to customers takes into account their real needs, the existing network (number of work points, location, network topology, equipment, applications and cloud services used, etc.), as well as the allocated budget. The agreed solution is designed to allow the reuse of existing infrastructure and reduce the customer’s investment effort. It will not affect the performance of the SD-WAN network or its potential to support further developments

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