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Developing an application customized to the specific needs of the bank, to simplify and streamline the execution and simultaneous management of outbound campaigns, respecting the specific requirements of the banking environment. (reference project)


Datanet Systems has designed, developed and integrated into the bank’s IT architecture a “custom made” telemarketing campaign management solution, developed over the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express platform


The solution designed by Datanet Systems increased the performance level of the bank’s Contact Center activity, generating new business opportunities and improving the interaction quality with final customers.



Active on the local market since 1993, Alpha Bank Romania is one of the most innovative and performing banks in Romania. In the two and a half decades of activity, Alpha Bank Romania has made an important contribution to the development and modernization of the Romanian financial and banking sector through the new services and products launched and the quality standards set in the field of customer interaction.

Continuous improvement of customer interaction is a critical priority for financial and banking institutions. However, in order to increase their efficiency, the Bank’s Contact / Call Center departments need high-performance technologies and solutions, integrated and adapted to the specific requirements of this environment and also the internal rules of each organization. Process automation, error elimination and a few seconds gained on each call ensure more satisfied customers, more transactions completed and, consequently, additional revenue.

In order to optimize the activity in its own Contact Center, ALPHA BANK ROMANIA has collaborated with Datanet Systems specialists, who have developed, implemented and integrated an application dedicated to the management of telemarketing campaigns.



Alpha Bank Romania is constantly investing in improving the customer relationship and has decided since 2016 to optimize its IT support for telemarketing.

Thus, following an internal analysis, the bank identified a need to adopt a solution that will ensure complete management of the outbound campaigns and end-to-end management of the leads generated, to facilitate the simultaneous launching and running of several campaigns, automation of processes and providing advanced reporting functionalities

The decision was made in the context in which the bank’s Contact Center department was already using Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) inbound campaigns, but the platform had a limited offer in the area of outbound functionalities. As a result, the bank has considered both the option to upgrade to the Enterprise version of the Cisco platform (UCCE) and also to develop a custom application.



Following an analysis, Alpha Bank Romania opted for a custom developed software application following Alpha Bank technical requirements, over the Cisco UCCX platform, a choice that ensures a higher level of customization and cost control through the development stage. Complementary, the project also facilitated the transition to Cisco Finesse, the new web-based interface for UCCX and UCCE platforms, which is customized and easier to use.

„We have internally defined a series of specifications, collecting the requirements and objectives of the bank’s departments. Based on the results obtained, we decided to choose the solution of developing a custom application over the Cisco UCCX platform, which we are already using.”, declared Eliza Erhan, Manager Contact Center, Alpha Bank Romania.

Choosing Datanet Systems as a solution development partner was a natural decision. The company has a strong collaboration relationship with Alpha Bank Romania, Datanet realizing the implementation, integration and customization of the UCCX platform. At the same time, the experience accumulated by Datanet, the good knowledge of the specific problem and the advanced technological skills in the Contact / Call Center area allow the company to develop customized applications that cover all communication channels and to carry out complex integration projects.



In the first phase of the project, Alpha Bank Romania and Datanet Systems organized a series of workshops in which the specifications obtained were detailed and transposed into concrete functionalities

Subsequently, Datanet specialists developed the application based on these functionalities, which they integrated, adapted and customized on the specific workflows of the bank’s departments that directly interact with clients. The process was complex, requiring harmonization and integration in a unitary solution of the several teams’ requirements and characteristic operational activities. For this purpose, Datanet has developed a completely new flow, which automates the entire telemarketing activity.

The application has been in production since April 2017 and benefits of regular upgrades.


  • INCREASING OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY.The application developed by Datanet helps increase Contact Center efficiency, by automating several activities: importing data, assigning and calling clients, managing scripts. Users save time, errors are avoided, and customers receive a faster response. The solution allows integration with Microsoft Outlook for automatic follow-up.
  • SECURED ACCESS TO DATA.The solution developed by Datanet Systems is integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, which allows „Single sign-on” authentication and secure access to data. By defining categories and roles, each user has access only to the information allowed through the job description.
  • IMPROVED DECISIONAL SUPPORT. Another important benefit the application developed by Datanet ensures is the automatic generation of activity reports, which support the business decision making process within the telemarketing department. The reports, extracted in real time and also on historical data, offer complete visibility on the activity, both on each individual campaign, and at the agent level, branch, region etc. Automatic processing of reports ensures significant time gains in management, facilitating timely decision making and allocating resources according to real priorities.

„The reports help us manage the daily activity of telemarketing agents, monitor campaigns results and step in when it’s necessary to improve them”,  Florin Brănici, Manager of Alternative Channels, Alpha Bank Romania declared.



The application developed by Datanet Systems allowed the telemarketing department of Alpha Bank Romania to switch to integrated and automated processes and flows. Increased efficiency resulted in increased productivity and improved internal collaboration through better synchronization between departments. Thus, the bank can run several campaigns in parallel, the application offering complete visibility on the telemarketing activity and simplifying resource allocation between campaigns during a working day. All this is also reflected on the customers, in an increased level of satisfaction. With the help of the application developed and customized by Datanet Systems, marketing banking products and services is carried out in an organized way and with clear rules, thus contributing to an improved interaction with the market.

“Datanet specialists have correctly understood our business needs and transposed them in the application with precision, assuring us the necessary support throughout the post-implementation period. In addition, the application has been improved over time by adding new facilities whose need has resulted from its daily use."

Florin Brănici, Manager of Alternative Channels, ALPHA BANK ROMANIA

“Secured access to applications and within the limits of the established competences is a very important aspect in carrying out specific banking activities. The application developed by Datanet ensures compliance with this requirement by restricting user’s access to data, depending on the profiles assigned.”

Eliza Erhan, Manager Contact Center ALPHA BANK ROMANIA

“The Cisco Unified Contact Center Express version can support outbound processes, but standard features are limited and require technical knowledge for configuration. We have developed a dedicated application for Alpha Bank, in which we integrated both Datanet Systems experience in the field of Cisco Contact Center solutions and the requirements of the bank’s dedicated team. Thus, we managed to build a very powerful and efficient tool that is also easy to use by all employees in the business departments.“

Ștefan Ionescu, Senior Consultant, Datanet Systems