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Vodafone, the leader of the business segment on the mobile communications market in Romania, supports Romanian companies by providing a diverse portfolio of integrated communications services.

Vodafone offers the best communication solutions ensuring mobility, productivity and security of business. Consolidation of data, voice and video communications networks, using a convergent IP transport network, allows companies to increase flexibility of operations and, implicitly, employees’ productivity.

By this service, Vodafone facilitates its customers’ access to last generation services and equipment, thus eliminating the need to design, implement and maintain their own integrated communication infrastructure.



The first step in this direction was the development of Vodafone Managed IP Telephony product, which is a fully managed solution (eng. “managed services”) of voice and video communications integrating an enterprise IP telephony service and Vodafone mobile voice services. The service allows voice and video communication over the company’s internal IP network (LAN) and over IP VPN, fixed or mobile, using dedicated IP telephones, tablets, smartphone or laptops.

The purpose of this project was to simplify the acquisition and use of unified communications services so that customers may choose the functions they need and IP telephone models and terminals they may wish, while complexity of design, installation and operation is supported by Vodafone.



SManaged services have already been present for several years on the Romanian communications services market.

The novelty of the operational model promoted by Vodafone consists in consolidation and centralization of all unified communications management elements. This approach has a few essential advantages compared to traditional solutions fully dedicated and installed at customer’s locations.

“Private cloud” architecture supporting the IP telephony service allows a superior level of service availability. Operational efficiency is enhanced both thanks to the optimized degree of use for technical resources and due to specialized personnel dedicated to “managed” services customers for the entire term of the service agreement.



The innovative operational model and complex architecture determined the selection of extremely experienced partners in the field of enterprise solutions. Cisco collaboration platform was identified as the most suitable in terms of technology, offering the fullest range of functions and proving, in time, the necessary durability for enterprise work environments.

Gartner places Cisco in the best position both in terms of the full vision on unified communications and the capability to deliver the promised functions. The proposed technical solution is based on Cisco unified communications and IP telephony products, together with services of design, commissioning, maintenance and operation provided by Vodafone and Datanet.

The solution allows the delivery of a full set of unified communications services for companies, using equipment installed in Vodafone data centers. Thus, customers may now benefit from the advantages of managed services of telephony, contact centre, video communications and collaboration without investing considerable financial resources in dedicated platforms.



Vodafone Romania selected Datanet as partner in developing IP telephony services due to quality standards that Datanet has constantly ensured on the market of Romanian integrators.

Thus, Vodafone, as telecommunications operator, and Datanet, as integrator in the field of unified communications, have created a product that incorporates the best from the experience and expertise of both partners.

For more than 12 years, Datanet Systems ensures for its clients the supply, maintenance and operation of IP telephony systems, being one of the first companies in Romania providing such technology.

During this whole time, Datanet has permanently developed its expertise in voice, contact centre, video and unified communications technologies, and, currently, Datanet is the sole partner of Cisco in Romania, holding the following set of certifications:

  • Cisco Gold partner;
  • Cisco Master Unified Communication Specialized;
  • Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialized;
  • Cisco Advanced Technology Provider (ATP) – Telepresence Video Master;
  • Cisco ATP Unified Contact Center Enterprise;
  • Cisco Learning Partner.



Vodafone Managed IP Telephony product development was a complex process of analysis, implementation and testing, ensuring the delivery of a mature, high-quality service that would meet the demands of our customers.

Apart from overcoming technological impediments, it was necessary to design certain work processes that would optimally align operational stability and security of a significant telecommunications operator, Vodafone, with the flexibility and speed of delivery of a Cisco solution integrator, such as Datanet.



For the customers, the new business model is a simple yet complete service that can be rapidly installed and that complies with aggressive operation and security parameters, at the same time, allowing a cost reduction. Vodafone and Datanet, as partners, take over the responsibility of managing the technological, operational and functional complexity of the service, including in the monthly subscription, all operations that are necessary for the installation, configuration and operation of the entire solution.

Thus, our customers benefit from:

  • Avoiding substantial investments, control and reduction of telecom costs by consolidation of data, voice and video communications on a common IP infrastructure;
  • Flexibility and scalability of a service based on cloud infrastructure;
  • Guaranteed SLA and sole point of contact for all telecommunications services;
  • Last generation unified communications service, constantly benefiting from the latest available technological functions and updates;
  • Better communications service integration with other business environment specific applications;

Not least of all, Vodafone guarantees the same level of service availability and quality that its customers are used to in terms of mobile and fixed voice/data communications services.

“Vodafone Managed IP Telephony is a unified communications service designed to fulfill the needs of integrated communications and mobility in the business environment. Any employee of our customers will have access to the same set of communication capabilities at the level of the central office, branches or home offices when using a laptop or tablet connected to the company’s VPN. What are the implications? First of all, an increase of flexibility and productivity of employees, a superior experience at the user’s end and, not least of all, very good control and predictability of communications costs.“

Verena Schmitz, Director of Enterprise Marketing, Vodafone Enterprise Business Unit

“Vodafone Managed IP Telephony is an innovative approach to integrated communications services, both in terms of technology and operational model. We have chosen a consolidated architecture to ensure the optimal use of resources and increased service availability, localizing the control elements in Vodafone Datacenter. The operational model has naturally evolved to complete the architecture, Vodefone-Datanet mixed team taking over activities of design, installation, operation and support, for the entire term of the service agreement.”

Giovanni Chiarelli, Vodafone Chief Technical Officer, Vodafone Romania

“Within our partnership with Vodafone for supply of Managed IP Telephony services, integration of processes was a challenge for Datanet. The experience in this direction is a durable advantage of both companies in providing advanced communications services.“

Vasile Velicu, Managing Director, Datanet Systems

“Vodafone Managed IP Telephony product encompasses the experience of over 12 years of Datanet in providing and maintaining IP telephony solutions for medium-sized and large companies. This experience can be seen in Datanet 24-h technical support services for critical business infrastructure and optional components of advanced and customized contact centre and video communications integrated infrastructure solutions. The new product allows customers to control and distribute expenses, benefit from the flexibility and efficiency of the latest communication and collaboration technology and improve communication service availability.“

Dragoş Stroescu, Executive Director, Datanet Systems