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Developed by the Ministry of National Education (M.N.E.) through the European Social Fund, the CRED program Relevant curriculum, education open to all” aims to prepare more than 55,000 teachers, elaborate 19 methodological guides and create more than 7,200 educational resources. In this sense, one of the main lines of action of the project is the establishment of 13 centers of Open Educational Resources (RED) at the level of the partner units of the project, of an online learning platform ( for the tEacher’s development and training,  and the creation of multimedia materials and their dissemination to the school community. The project’s efficient functioning implies the existence of an efficient IT infrastructure, which will support the productive functioning of the online platform as well as a professional video conferencing solution, which will ensure good collaboration between the participants, easy operation of webinars and creation of digital video content.

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"It was the first collaboration with Datanet Systems and they surprised us with the professional approach and the very well documented activity. The project has permanently involved a team of specialists, from project manager to experts on video technologies and networking. We quickly realized that I am an experienced company that has a good command of the field. From the sending of the technical offer to the passage of the system in operation, the company showed a very good understanding of the project."

George Boroş, Video Educational Systems Expert, CRED

"The set of technological solutions integrated within the project helps to grow the CRED project. In the first 3 months of use, we organized no less than 7-800 monthly webinars with over 12,000 participants. In this interval, the platform has exceeded 11 million viewed pages, 40,000 registered users and over 60,000 online sessions. Digital literacy contributes to the increase of quality in education, and the technology we use gives us important support in this endeavor,"

Liviu Costandache, Coordinator of Open Educational Resources

"The good results of the project were ensured by the close collaboration between the specialists involved, both at technical and operational levels. The main challenge was the simultaneous mobilization of the teams that carried out the installation of the equipment in a very short time, complemented by the rapid configuration of the Cisco Collaboration solutions from the Data Center of the Internet service provider, realized by the technical department of Datanet Systems,"

Tiberiu Novac, Project Manager, Datanet Systems