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May 2015

Datanet Systems and the Slovak IT systems integrator, Soitron Group, gathering Romanian company 2009, recently presented a software solution oriented to streamline the mobile police units activity. The system offers an unique combination of features that ensure advanced connection and communication capabilities, recording and automatic traffic data collection, viewing and analyzing them in real time and extensive collaboration possibilities, all in a unified and reliable system that increases productivity of field teams.

The activity of mobile units police requires intense communication between headquarters and the staff in the field. Operations such as traffic monitoring, irregularities penalty, fines registration, verification of documents, stolen vehicle tracking, on-site interventions etc. are exponentially growing the data volumes used by mobile units. Analog solutions based on radio communication fail to efficiently cover these volumes, they are significantly slowing the activity in the field and are increasing the risk of errors.

Soitron Group has designed and developed a solution that provides concrete answers to specific problems faced by mobile police units, providing the necessary support to improve the activity and increase the efficiency.


Extended functionalities

The system developed by Soitron offers an extensive range of functionalities, structured in five main areas:

  • Registration and video archiving: The solution automatically records the activity in traffic and the operations performed by mobile police units. The information collected is transmitted via streaming video to central units, making it available to other units, and can be accessed and viewed by the installed equipment in the police vehicle. Video files are saved in a redundant storage system to ensure the data availability, and can be archived at the headquarter at the moment of the police unit return.
  • Fines management and speed detection: The solution enables automatic recording of fines in the central database. (Optional, to simplify procedures, the system can be equipped with printing and scanning tools, card readers, etc.) This functionality can be used in parallel with the vehicle speed detection.
  • Location and Collaboration:The solution provides an advanced map and location that allows quick identification of the position of other police mobile units and their status. The system allows messages exchange with other units and headquarters, in order to transmit a specific data (information about specific people, vehicles, etc.), and is integrated with events / incidents systems management, existent at the level command centers.
  • Checking individuals and vehicles: Soitron solution enables rapid verification of identity documents, counterfeits detection, and with the help of an automatic connection to the central database can provide information about persons and / or vehicles. Moreover, the system offers advanced functionality for automatic identification of the license registration plates (Automatic License Plate Recognition System – ALPR) and, in a similar manner, performs automatic database check for eventual damage identification.
  • Navigation and traffic data: The solution integrates a complete navigation system that enables rapid identification of coordinates sent by dispatchers, a consumption monitoring and recording application, mileage, driving speed, etc., and a journal of users login which facilitates monitoring of all activities performed by the police officers.


Reliability and use endurance

The hardware components of the solution developed by Slovakian group were selected to provide safety in use, extensive communication and data transfer capabilities (by featuring a Cisco router specifically dedicated to seamlessly cover Soitron solution requirements), an increased degree of reliability (mounting / attachment systems were verified during crash tests) and a greater autonomy (vehicle has a secondary battery and an application for consumption optimization).

The Soitron system can be accessed from the vehicle board via a high-resolution touch screen display (10.1 “), having extensive visibility, featuring several card readers (for user identification, verification of identity documents, passports etc.).

The central processing system is efficient, adapted to the specific requirements (passive cooling systems) and features three storage devices: one for running the operating system and specific applications, and the other two for video recordings storage (one for backup, and the other one – removable, video transfer and archiving systems at the headquarters level).

The solution has in its standard configuration two video cameras (that can be expanded to 4), an infrared one for ALPR, and the other one for HD recording, and a AVL module (Automatic Vehicle Location), that enables not only the location of the car position on GPS maps, but also transmits all monitoring information of the vehicle to the headquarters.


Multiple benefits

The main benefits of the solution developed by Soitron Group provide the police forces with:

  • Simplifying and automating routine processes;
  • Fast and secure access to databases directly from the vehicle;
  • Reduce the level of error during inspection operations and documents verification;
  • Increasing the security of mobile police units;
  • Quick view on the availability level and current locations of the other police units;
  • Improving efficiency of crime investigation procedures;
  • Optimizing the access routes towards operational areas;
  • Ease of access to detailed information provided by headquarters.

There is also a second category of beneficiaries – citizens, whose earnings directly consist in improved safety and traffic, and faster police interventions. The gain of time is significant both for the documents checking procedures in traffic, and for stolen vehicles detection. Last but not least, through Soitron solution we ensure the access to an effective anti-corruption instrument, through continuous monitoring and recording of the police units activity.

Soitron solution can be adapted to specific requirements of ambulances and fire services vehicles use and is implemented in Slovakia, where it’s used by over 10,000 members of the police force. A pilot project is now running within the Police forces of Romania, Belgium, Macedonia, Bosnia and Qatar.