Jun. 2016

Datanet Systems has recently presented the latest Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) over IP solution, in the context of the sixth edition of the Exhibition and Conference dedicated to Defense, Aerospace, Homeland Security, Cyber Security and Safety & Security, (BSDA 2016), an event that brought together over 250 exhibitors from 25 countries.

The MANET over IP solution delivered by Datanet Systems is based on Cisco and Wave Relay technologies, having a wide range of usability and addressing mainly to public safety, emergency services and security and defense services, although the solution has applicability in the mining industry, public service, agriculture, health etc.

The key benefits of this solution are:

  • Improving decision support in mobile or fixed command centers, based on the real time information receive from the field;
  • Increasing the reaction rate;
  • Improving operational efficiency for the teams operating in the field;
  • Improving the level of proactivity.

Unlike other common MANET static solutions, the new MANET over IP technology provides audio-video communication and data transmission between command centers and the teams involved in field activities in areas where there is no mobile coverage and no other data communication line.

The solution provided by Datanet Systems benefits from native connectivity, the equipment allowing secure transmission of images in HD format. The devices have a high degree of reliability and endurance (resistance to extreme weather temperatures, shock, vibrations etc.), autonomy for at least 24 hours (and easily and rapidly battery changing) and are pre-configured and pre-tested so that, once set, it can be used quickly, without requiring technical expertise on the part of end users. The use of moving equipment does not affect the quality of audio and video streaming, because the solution recalibrates ongoing, depending on the existing conditions, without affecting the quality of video streaming, retransmission being performed automatically, requiring no additional configuration.

“Basically, the solution delivered by Datanet Systems enables a sole mobile WLAN network, which can be extended to any direction and can be accessed instantly. The range of the network can be increased by using intermediary equipment. For example, for the teams involved in emergency situations, the signal can be relayed by helicopters and drones equipped with MANET devices, in order to ensure communication between all the teams involved and the command center. The transmission capacity could be expanded up to 100 km in tests using drones. Each MANET equipment provides retransmission to all other equipment in the network, which is a very significant benefit in areas and situations where direct visibility is reduced. In such cases, by interleaving an equipment into the network, can be avoided obstacles and transmitted live images from those areas. The retransmission solution is used especially in situations with no access in intervention areas or high risk areas, which extends the applicability of MANET solution and to other fields, such as, extractive industry”, explains George Moroianu, Business Developer Manager at Datanet Systems.

MANET over IP solution is a brand new arrival for the Romanian technology market, which shows a high interest for it. Locally, the solution is delivered only by Datanet Systems and became very popular after the on-site demonstrations carried on by the company. “Datanet performed various routine exercises in the past few months for the security and defense services as well as for the intervention and emergency services, where the MANET over IP technological capabilities were demonstrated in practice. Recently, we performed an exercise that demonstrated how audio and video live images can be broadcasted directly from subway tunnels, on a distance of two stations, without any other relay equipment. The transmission was made between intervention teams in case of emergency, directly to the mobile command center”, stated the Datanet Systems specialist.

The MANET over IP solution is widely used, even by the USA army and other various security and intervention services in Europe, the defense forces in Slovakia being one of them, where the solution is delivered and developed by the local Soitron subsidiary, a group that Datanet Systems is part of, from 2010.

Datanet Systems is not just a solution supplier, it also provides extensive services in the integration command centers area, being one of the leading local integrators of complex systems in Romania and the most important Cisco partner on the local market (recently  awarded “Cisco Enterprise Partner of the Year 2015 ‘).

Based on the experience gained in numerous implementations delivered for different clients from various industries and its advanced team skills of certified specialists, Datanet ensures the best capabilities of the MANET over IP solution, which has a wide expanded compatibility and can integrate audio transmission of the Tetra equipment, the other Voice-over-IP systems existing command centers and mobile systems. The solution can be integrated with any other parameters transmission systems (eg SCADA systems) and is not only compatible with professional video equipment, but even with other in handy terminals (eg the GoPro devices). Proving multi-vendor expertise, Datanet Systems delivers full service integration, development and support services to companies interested in adopting MANET over IP solution, providing to any beneficiaries the opportunity to expand the capabilities of their existing systems without having to replace them.


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