Datanet provides remote IT&C technical services

Apr. 2020

In the context of applying social distancing measures and reducing the COVID-19 propagation pathways, Datanet Systems can provide you with the remote configuration of IT equipment, as well as rapid on-site interventions to diagnose and remedy failures.

These services are provided with specialized, trained and certified personnel for working with data network and datacenter infrastructure equipment. Datanet Systems is Cisco Specialized Partner (Gold Partner, Master Specialized), Juniper (Select Partner), F5 (Unity Silver Partner), VMware (Enterprise Partner), Fortinet (Silver Partner), Palo Alto (Platinum Innovator), Arbor Networks (Authorized Partner).


Activities covered by our remote services

Remote services are intended for private companies and public sector organizations and cover the following types of activities:

  • Reconfigurations for current IT operations;
  • Location of faults in the infrastructure of data networks and datacenter, and
  • Verifying the functionality or performance of networks and equipment in data centers.

To perform these activities, Datanet Systems staff initiates an encrypted session of Internet collaboration with a client’s PC, then through it accesses the equipment that must be configured or verified. No specific endowments are required from the clients to initiate these collaborative sessions.


On-site activities delivered by Datanet Systems

Also, Datanet Systems carries out activities in the field of installation and service of equipment within the infrastructures of data networks and datacenter, ensuring national coverage in Romania.

The specialized personnel performing these services are equipped with means of sanitary protection. Depending on the level of risk of the locations where the services are provided, these means include sanitary masks, rubber gloves, disinfectants for personal use, visors, health protection suits.

networking datacenter

To find out more about the characteristics of the technical services provided by Datanet Systems, we invite you to access the pages dedicated to IT&C system integration services and technical support services.

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