Datanet Systems’ 25 years celebration at the latest edition of Connect Romania

In this special anniversary year, celebrating a quarter-century of activity in the Romanian market, we had the wonderful opportunity to mark this occasion alongside over 1,000 individuals at Connect Romania 2023, the most prominent local event in the Cisco ecosystem and probably the biggest tech gathering since the pandemic. The roots of Connect Romania trace back to 2002 when it was known as Cisco Expo (later renamed Cisco Day), and throughout all these years, Datanet Systems stands out as the only constant Cisco partner, present at every single edition. This fact, in itself, adds another reason to rejoice and celebrate.


Just as with each edition, Datanet Systems maintained a constant presence at Connect Romania 2023, which included a business keynote, a technical session, and a stand for presentations and demonstrations. The event was vibrant and drew a large and diverse audience, comprising clients, prospects, consultants, partners, competitors, and more, clearly indicating the significant interest among specialists in Romania towards the latest technologies in infrastructure, security, and collaboration, as well as the reputation Cisco enjoys in the local market.


For Datanet Systems, Connect Romania 2023 proved to be the perfect opportunity to add nuances to the 25-year history celebrated this year, highlighting many milestones associated with the partnership with Cisco and showcasing their technological leadership within the local IT ecosystem.


25 years of IT leadership


The keynote was presented by Dragoș Stroescu, Director Executive Datanet Systems, emphasized the “25 Years of IT Leadership in the Romanian Market“, highlighting:

”25 years ago, we were a small team in a small office, but with big dreams and great aspirations. Technology runs in our veins, as we’ve grown hand in hand with its evolution. The speed of internet connectivity, which has increased nearly 10,000 times throughout these years, has been instrumental in shaping our journey. We’ve fostered a culture of investing in our people and obtaining professional certifications, and we’ve dared to challenge established paradigms and technologies in traditionally conservative industries, at a time when no one else was taking such risks. All these endeavors have rewarded us with numerous groundbreaking projects on a national scale, as well as accolades and appreciation from Cisco, both locally and globally.”

Founded in 1998, a time when global innovations such as Google, Windows 98, GPS, and iMac systems were emerging, Datanet Systems managed to adapt and grow alongside these revolutionary technologies.

A crucial aspect of Datanet Systems’ operations is their dedication to people. As early as 1999, the company had the first two CCIE-certified specialists in Romania, and today, the number of Cisco certifications within the company has surpassed 150. The team of qualified professionals is the driving force behind the company’s growth and reputation, contributing not only to their achievements but also to the prestige they have gained.

Dragoș Stroescu highlighted that Datanet Systems stands out through its integration of cutting-edge technology into projects and its focus on innovation. While in 2002, the company created the largest encrypted network in Romania, today, the emphasis is on areas such as telemedicine and online education, addressing current needs and adapting to the demands of an increasingly digitized world. This aligns with “Partner Lifecycle Services – Support” (PLS-Support) accreditation, making Datanet Systems the first Cisco partner in Romania to achieve this milestone earlier this year.

Positive references serve as the most valuable business card for Datanet Systems, and the investments made in the development of their people and technology have always aimed to provide the best solutions for their clients.

Today, Datanet Systems carries Cisco’s DNA throughout the entire Soitron Group, of which it is a member, operating in seven European countries. The close collaboration with Cisco offers promising perspectives for the next 25 years, especially in a world increasingly influenced by technology and digitalization, where Datanet Systems aims to be a leading player.


25 years of innovation


During the breakout session, Bogdan Ghiță, Presales Consultant at Datanet Systems, emphasized that for 25 years, Datanet Systems has been providing Romanian companies with technological innovations to become more efficient and secure.



”It’s a continuous endeavor as the business landscape is ever-changing, driven by economic, social, and legislative factors. Whether it’s the need to cut costs, facilitate remote work, or comply with new regulations, Datanet Systems has consistently offered the right solutions at the right time,” stated Bogdan Ghiță.

Technological innovation and ensuring business security pose major challenges for any modern company. Additionally, the IT field is becoming increasingly complex, demanding specialists capable of integrating a diverse range of solutions to achieve optimal performance and resilience.

Datanet Systems recognizes that digital success hinges on building a cohesive IT architecture that benefits from efficient solution orchestration, rather than disjointed and isolated implementations. To address these demands, Datanet Systems has updated its portfolio to incorporate the most innovative and high-performing solutions and services, empowering companies to excel in both efficiency and security. Concurrently, investments in their workforce align with this growth trajectory, with the Datanet team currently holding a multitude of technical certifications (over 150 active certifications), exemplifying their expertise and proficiency.

Alongside cutting-edge technology, it is crucial for people to have a well-documented and standardized way of working. In this regard, Datanet adheres to quality and security standards, from ISO 9001 to ISO 27001, ensuring their operations take place in a controlled environment and comply with international norms.

By providing a comprehensive portfolio and adopting a systematic approach to technological innovation and security, Datanet Systems positions itself in a privileged position to meet the current needs of companies, ensuring their success in embracing technological advancements.


Conclusions at Connect Romania 2023


As an overall perspective, Connect Romania 2023 focused on the latest technologies within Cisco’s portfolio, spanning the cloud realm (Cisco Networking Cloud, Cisco Secure Access, Cisco Panoptica), cybersecurity (SASE and Cisco Secure Access), and solutions integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI Policy Assistant and SOC Assistant).

Particular attention was given to the concept of Full-Stack Observability, an approach that aids in centralizing and correlating performance analyses of applications across the entire IT environment, enabling teams to collaborate more effectively in issue isolation and performance optimization.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited Datanet Systems’ booth at Connect Romania 2023, and we look forward to welcoming you again at the next edition!