Oct. 2019


Datanet Systems was together with Cisco on the 20th anniversary of the local subsidiary’s activity. Also reconfirming this year the status of main Cisco technology partner, Datanet Systems brought within the Connect Romania 2019 event a practical approach, supported by case studies of the best performing Cisco technologies available on the local market.

Thus, at the beginning of the event, Cristian Ceapă, Sales Director at Datanet Systems, addressed the problem of “Software-Defined Networking” (SDN) solutions, which currently represents a market estimated at about 8 billion euros and which will triple its value in the following four years. This evolution clearly demonstrates that there is an increasing demand for SDN solutions, not only globally, but also in Romania. This is something that the Datanet representative exemplified in a practical case study of the implementation of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) at Raiffeisen Bank Romania. Following the process of implementing the Cisco SDN solution – which was completed in just four months by Datanet’s team -, the bank obtained as immediate benefits:

  • 30% reduction in operating time;
  • eliminating the risk of human error;
  • reducing the time for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems;
  • simplification of network segmentation processes.

(Full details on the benefits of the project and the technical characteristics of the solutions implemented within Raiffeisen Bank Romania can be found here)

During the technical sessions, Faruk Hairedin and Octavian Szolga, Senior Network Engineers at Datanet Systems, presented a series of practical scenarios for using the new Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) network architectures, highlighting the advantages that they bring for the network over traditional topologies. Datanet specialists have detailed how the Software Defined Access (SD-Access) component ensures more efficient control of the traffic generated by users, equipment and applications, without having to carry out an effective network redesign process. With the help of SD-Access, companies benefit from a higher level of security and availability through the unitary and automatic application of access policies throughout the network. The Cisco technology also ensures an improvement in the quality of services provided through the use of a single Network Fabric, both in wired and wireless infrastructures.

Datanet specialists can help you extend the benefits of SD-Access by integrating with the Cisco DNA Assurance solution, which covers all stages of the diagnostic-remediation process, delivering significant time savings by increasing operational efficiency in network management. DNA Assurance provides an extended level of visibility, automatically collecting telemetry and contextual data from 16 different sources, and offers a powerful analysis system.

(You can read more about the competitive advantages of DNA Assurance here)

During the third live session, held at the Datanet Systems stand, Alexandru Gheorghiță, Data Center Team Leader, approached from a comparative perspective the advantages of ACI Multi-Pod and Multi-Site architectures for interconnecting and managing multiple locations. (Datanet Systems is the first company in Romania to invest in the creation and development of a Cisco ACI laboratory that allows interested companies to perform simulations, testing and validation of new generation architectures in scenarios that reproduce real specifications and configurations.) Datanet specialist exemplified and in detail the advantages of using the Cisco ACI solution in various scenarios to ensure operational continuity and network scaling in different geographical areas.

Connect Romania 2019 brought together more than 1,000 professionals in the field of IT, utilities, telecom, security, transport, health, etc.

Datanet Systems, the main Cisco integrator and developer in Romania, thanks in this way its clients and partners who have accepted the invitation to participate in the event.