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Oct. 2014

Datanet Systems announces the retirement of Mr. Vasile Velicu from the positions of Country Manager and Administrator, member of the Board of Administrators of the company, and the appointment of Mr. Peter Hornak as Administrator, member of the Board of Administrators.

Mr. Peter Hornak currently holds the position of Marketing and Acquisitions Director for Soitron Group SE. He has been working for Soitron since 2001 and previously held the positions of Technical Director in Soitron Slovakia.

“Peter represents our young generation of executive managers. Thanks to his exceptional communication and manager skills, he very quickly grew from his initial position of a project manager to become one of the top management staff, member of the board and a partner for the owners of Soitron”, explains Mr. Marian Skakala, President of the Board of Administrators of Datanet Systems.

After an exceptional professional career, totaling over 45 years of experience in information technology, Mr. Vasile Velicu retires from Datanet Systems’ management. During the seven years in which he fulfilled the roles of Managing Director and Country Manager, Datanet Systems has doubled its turnover and staff, currently holding a leading position for the segment of IT system integrators in Romania.

Datanet Systems executive management is ensured by Mr. Dragos Stroescu, that took over this role at the beginning of 2014. Dragos Stroescu is working for over 20 years in IT field, is a founding member of the company, previously held the positions of Technical and Sales Director within the company, and worked directly in dozens of major infrastructure projects. Mr. Dragos Stroescu is one of the most experienced specialists in Romania in the area of network technologies, fact proven by the achievement of the first Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification in the country, in 1999.

“For me, Mr. Vasile Velicu represents the essence of Datanet. I am sure, that even that he decided to retire, the strong roots he had set for Datanet will remain and will influence the company further”, said Mr. Marian Skakala.

„Datanet Systems will remain the company that succeeded, over the past 16 years of activity, to bring constant value to its customers and to allow in-house continuous development of the most talented engineers in Romania.” said Dragos Stroescu, Executive Director of the company. ”These values ​​define us, we will protect and encourage them further and we will materialize them in knowledge and application excellence of new IT technologies for our customers. Thanks to everyone who have understood this philosophy and have also contributed to its creation.”