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May 2013

Datanet Systems celebrates 15 years of activity on the Romanian IT&C market, period in which, alongside its clients and partners, has built complex projects related to communication infrastructure, data centres, telephone and remote communication, contact centres, intelligence security, communication infrastructure and data centre management.

Key projects of the company include:

  • The first encrypted WAN communication networks for financial-banking clients;
  • The first IP contact systems and, a technological premiere, MPLS networks for Romanian telecommunication operators;
  • Communication infrastructure projects, most of them a first at national level, regional level – for telecommunication operators in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland – and at European level – the first multiservice IP network for operational applications transport in air traffic control;
  • Integration projects for data centres, contact centres and IT security in the banking system.

“Relying at all times on the values that characterise the “Datanet spirit”: business seriousness, precise understanding of customer needs, quality of services and complex technical expertise, in its 15 years of activity, the company has turned from an enthusiast team of specialists into a mature and well-structured organisation capable of combining in its projects modern technologies with the stability of critical IT&C infrastructures”, states Mr. Vasile Velicu, General Manager of the company.

Datanet has 150 clients, which include important telecommunication companies operating in Romania, reputed financial-banking institutions, well-known retail companies, public institutions operating in highly important fields, such as education, finance, and air traffic control, and many small, medium and large enterprises operating in industry and commerce.

Throughout these 15 years, Datanet Systems relied on an important partner, Cisco Systems, alongside it developed most of its projects. Datanet Systems is one of the most important Cisco partners in Romania, being a Cisco Gold Partner – role received as a first in Romania in 2004, Cisco Learning Partner – qualification achieved as a first in Romania in 2005, and many other certifications, including the most recent ones: the first Cisco Specialized IP NGN Architecture partner in the world, the first Cisco Telepresence Video Master Authorized Technology Provider partner in Romania. Datanet is also the partner with the greatest number of experts holding a Certified Cisco Internetworking Expert certificate in the country.

Wishing to diversify its activity and extend its portfolio of products and services, Datanet Systems has recently concluded partnerships with international reputed companies, such as: VMware – Datanet as Enterprise Partner, EMC – Datanet as Velocity Premier Partner, Symantec – Datanet as specialised partner, Avaya, Aruba, which will help it to provide a complete and competitive portfolio of solutions. This list will be extended depending on the Datanet strategy, and the market demand.

“With the occasion of this celebration, we are extremely grateful with our clients for the opportunity they have given us to accomplish together complex projects that tested our business, technical and logistic potential, for their understanding and, especially, for their trust. We would also like to thank our partners for their collaboration, effort and flexibility. Congratulations to the Datanet team on its maturity, perseverance, expertise, commitment and loyalty, and on its efforts to place Datanet on a top position in our field of activity. We would like to assure our clients that we will keep investing in the improvement of our business, technical and organisational skills, in consolidating and concluding new partnerships that enable us to become a multivendor integrator in our fields, and in preparing solutions with cost effective state-of-the-art technologies and functionalities. We want to achieve our goal, namely that of maintaining a top position on the Romanian market of communication infrastructure, data centre, telecommunication, contact centre and intelligence security, and, alongside the Soitron Group, to participate in regional projects” added Mr. Vasile Velicu.


About Datanet Systems and the Soitron Group

Currently, Datanet Systems has 48 employees, as it doubled its personnel in the past five years, and a turnover between 20 and 24 million USD.

At the end of 2012, the Soitron Group was established in Slovakia. The Soitron Group includes the following companies: Soitron Slovakia, Datanet Systems Romania, Soitron Czech Republic, Sekom Turkey and Soitron Bulgaria. The Soitron Group operates in the IT&C technology field, it has about 600 employees, and an annual turnover of almost 120 million Euro.