May 2016

Because brilliant students are a constant pride for Romania and the “Olympics” are competitions where they stand, Datanet Systems supported, as a GOLD Partner, the 2016 edition of National Informatics Olympiad” in secondary level. Hosted on April 25, National Informatics Olympiad (ONI) is a competition of algorithms and programming, individual, held under the patronate of Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research and is a breeding ground for future professionals in ITC industry.

In 1970, the efforts of Gregory Moisil put to light the first five high schools in Bucharest, specialized in computer science. This area has become representative for the Romanian education. Currently, Romania holds a record of no less than 95 medals, including 28 gold medals, 42 in silver and 25 in bronze and globally, occupies the sixth position in the winning categories of all time.

“Supporting the National Informatics Olympiad is equally a pleasure and an honor for Datanet Systems. We very much appreciate the readiness of students and teachers and we believe that the interests of participants in such competitions is the future of Romanian industry that we all belong to. We live in an age where the computers are found in every aspect of life, and quoting the famous academician, Gregory Moisil, we need capable men to program these computers, “says Gabriel Musat, Technical Director for Datanet Systems.

Dedicated to all students from grades V-XII, National Olympiad in Informatics took place for the first time in 1993. The competition has preliminary qualifying stages at school level, city and county, while the national stage takes place in two days. There are two practical tests of 3-5 hours each, consisting of solving 1-4 algorithmic problems using the computer. Solving a problem requires the developing of a program computationally efficient. At the end of the national stage, 20 students are chosen based on a special test organized for the national team and on their participation in similar international competitions.


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