Datanet workshop: Take control of digital identities with CyberArk solutions

Over the past two years, organizations have been confronted with a proliferation of digital identities to manage, with each newly created identity, whether it belongs to a human user, an app, or a device, representing potential access for attackers.

Digital identities do not pose security risks as long as they are effectively managed and properly protected. But enterprise transformation initiatives, such as Cloud migration, automation, DevOps, remote work, etc., generated an unprecedented increase in the number of privileged identities, making them valuable targets.

In fact, statistics show that over 80% of security breaches are based on compromised login data.


To help companies keep this growing category of risks under control, Datanet Systems recently organized, in partnership with CyberArk and Clico România, the main local distributor of CyberArk solutions, a seminar dedicated to digital identity protection solutions.

CyberArk is a market leader in Identity Security solutions, with the help of which organizations can ensure the extended protection of not only IT environments but also operational ones and critical infrastructures.


Identity Security, the pillar of modern security architectures


The Identity Security concept, promoted by CyberArk, is based on intelligent control of privileges associated with each identity, automatic management of their life cycle, and continuous detection and protection against threats, all through a unified approach.

„Privileged access management is at the heart of the modern security framework, giving companies the ability to protect all identities – not just those that IT identifies as privileged accounts – regardless of where they are located,” mentioned Tamir Ben Ari, Sales Engineer at CyberArk.

Intelligent privilege management – through specific measures such as isolating and monitoring sessions, restricting or lifting rights, applying measures based on the risk profile of each identity, etc. – is integrated with access and identity management capabilities.

This enables IT departments and/or Security Operations (SOC) teams to continuously monitor access to users, applications, and equipment in both on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.


Business benefits gained by companies


Using CyberArk’s Identity Security solutions, organizations get the support they need to:

  • Increase operational efficiency – CyberArk solutions provide organization-wide protection, enabling just-in-time user access, and eliminating the complexity associated with protecting identities;
  • Accelerate digital transformation efforts – Identity Security applications provide end users with a frictionless experience (with options for Single-Sign-On, MFA, biometric authentication, etc.), as well as extended protection, regardless of the environment (on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud);
  • Mitigate cyber risks: Using CyberArk solutions, security teams can quickly identify compromised identities, prevent the theft of critical data by applying the principle of least privilege, isolate, and block threats before they propagate, and more;
  • Compliance with audit and compliance requirements: Identity Security provides a common framework for all audit and compliance requirements, providing higher visibility. Thus, all identities (IT administrators, remote workers, third-party providers, etc.) and resources (applications and services, sensitive data, terminal equipment, etc.) are easier to monitor, manage, and audit.


Work scenarios and practical use-cases


The “Your path to Identity Security” seminar included several presentation sessions. Thus, Eduard Stoica, Presales Consultant at Datanet Systems, showed a series of common working scenarios with CyberArk Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, practical ways to monitor user actions, and set rules and automatic response measures, etc.

In turn, the CyberArk specialist showed how a 3rd-party access account (for vendors, partners, suppliers, etc.) can be set up in less than two minutes using the PAM solution, but also how it can be used to develop a Zero Trust security strategy.

For more information on how you can achieve privileged access management with CyberArk solutions, we also invite you to watch Datanet Systems’ recent webinar, available below, in Romanian:


Also, for additional technical data about CyberArk solutions, as well as about the full range of services provided by Datanet, you can contact us via email at