Jul. 2016

The customer is the most important capital of any company. Therefore, increasing the quality of interaction with end customers is a critical priority for most organizations who understand that – without the support of “customer care” services – the differentiation through product and price cannot be a competitive advantage in a dynamic competitive environment.

To address these current challenges faced by more and more organizations, Datanet Systems and Cisco Romania have recently organized an event dedicated to presenting the latest unified communications solutions portfolio of the two companies.

Petronela Taralunga, Senior Consultant Unified Communications & Contact Center for Datanet Systems, presented a succession of stable and flexible applications capable of providing increasing operational  efficiency in contact centers.

A first application of the new generation that has been brought to the attention of the audience was Cisco Finesse, which enables the rapid development of additional channels of communication with the end customer (by e-mail, chat, social media, etc.). Designed as a web-based application that uses Web 2.0 technologies, Finesse provides from the beginning the advantage of eliminating the implementation effort, allowing easy customization of the interface, depending on the specific needs and requirements. Version 11 of the application allows the management of 50,000 contacts, 300 calendars (Phonebooks) and 1,500 types of interaction (Wrap-up codes) and integrates advanced reporting functionalities (both in real time and based on the history of interactions). The flexibility and scalability of Cisco solution are supported by the extended level of compatibility that simplifies the access of information from various sources, and integration with third-party applications.

The pluses on the compatibility of the Cisco Finesse were exemplified by detailing the benefits derived from the integration with 2Ring solutions (chat applications, speed dial, transfer, call history, live reporting, etc.).

Another aspect presented by the Datanet specialist was about the benefits offered by SocialMiner Cisco solution, for the development and consolidation of multichannel strategies in contact centers. The Cisco solution helps companies to answer proactively to its prospects and clients throughout real time monitoring of the social networks, blogging platforms and public web forums (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, etc.), based on defined key words / phrases (products, services, expertise areas, etc.).



SocialMiner captures and prioritizes information by transmitting them – through defined workflows – directly to “Customer care” teams and delivers detailed reports. Cisco application is provided in two versions – Small (up to 120 simultaneous chat sessions and 30 sessions with uses of social networks) and Large (400 sessions and over 60 simultaneous chat sessions with users of social networks).

Complementary, the Datanet specialist also explained how to optimize multi-channel communication by integrating Email agents and Web Chat tools from Cisco.

Another important slot reserved by Datanet’s presentation was for the call recording applications, utilized on a large scale by banks and other financial institutions, the ones from the telecom industry, utilities, service suppliers, etc. Datanet Systems has an impressive portfolio of solutions offered by the leading companies on this market segment: Cisco (MediaSense Recording), Verint(WFO) and ZOOM International.

Cisco MediaSense is a solution that allows selective audio and video call recording (on-demand or ad hoc), real-time monitoring of conversations, integration with third-party applications(such as Speech Analytics Analytics) and provides a optimum cost / Efficiency report. The new MediaSense version functionalities presented during the presentation were Video on Hold, Video in Queue, Video Greetings, two registration possibilities (Network-based recording and CUBE Dial-Peer Forking), advanced search functions, export etc.

Verint, a company specialized in solutions for Workforce Optimization provides, on their part, one of the most advanced and mature solutions of Call Recording, completed by resource management applications, quality and performance, and also Speech Analytics applications (which automates the processes of key word or phrase discovery and the analysis of conversations between agents and customers). Verint solution addresses to enterprise customers, providing the recording of a extended number of audio channels (up to 50,000 concurrent calls) thanks to high capacity servers, which reduces both the investment costs, and the administration.

The application runs on the Windows operating system and provides both audio recording, and the video, chat, email, etc., all of which are available for searching in a single web interface.

The third solution presented, ZOOM Workforce Optimization, runs as an virtual application on a Linux operating system (CentOS) and is structured on three levels: the capture / recording of calls, the storage (data, voice, metadata) and the management, that provides the search and listening of recordings. ZOOM solution enables centralized multisite development and distributed, in different scenarios (small – up to 100 concurrent calls, average – up to 250 calls – large, over 250 calls and extended storage capabilities).

A final aspect stated during Datanet Systems’ presentation was about speech recognition solutions supplied by Nuance.

Voice Biometrics application, a technology that aims to become a standard for banking – financial institutions, succeeds to eliminate passwords, PIN codes and security questions, simplifying the authentication process by using voice recognition barriers. The technology analyses thousands of audio calls characteristics by automatic comparison of the registration with client’s voice, thus ensuring an increase in the efficiency level of the agents and the one of clients’ satisfaction, reducing the call duration, and being cost effective.

Automatic speech recognition applications from Nuance stand out because of their high level of accuracy, no matter the quality or voice levels. ASR application offers support for 85 languages and dialects and is especially useful to quick solving of the clients’ demands that do not wish to interact with an agent that can be replaced by complex IVR   systems.

The third Nuance application presented, Vocalizer, is a Text-to-Speech application, now version 6, that provides support for 46 languages and 117 VOICES and improves the customer experience in IVR systems.

In addition to the presented portfolio of Contact Center solutions, Razvan Atimariti, Product Sales Specialist and Partner Account Manager at Cisco Romania, has presented the company’s strategy for Video Collaboration area, which targets mobility and Cloud services. The presentation included a live demonstration of remote, distributed team collaborative work, using specific Cisco products.

Datanet Systems is a system integrator with extensive competencies in the area of unified communications systems and contact center solutions, backed by the experience accumulated in more than a decade of work in this field.


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