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As cyber attacks have become more sophisticated, so have the security means developed to respond to their complexity. Cyber attackers now have a wide range of threats that force and sometimes outweigh traditional security methods. This evolution is now causing more and more companies to change the way they allocate budgets, gradually giving up the purchase of specific and independent security products in favor of access to specialized teams of highly qualified engineers in analyzing and fixing IT security breaches and adopting a coherent integrated and automated product architecture for detecting, limiting and then mitigating cyber attacks.

With the help of the IT infrastructure solutions provided as a service by Datanet (Infrastructure as a Service – “IaaS”), these two objectives are achieved.

Thus, you acquire :

– a set of the latest technological products used exclusively by your company, integrated within a security architecture that protects your entire IT system, as well as

access to a team of cyber security experts to configure, monitor and update these products.

With the help of these services, your company optimally uses a modern, integrated and updated architecture of computer security, maintained by a team of experts. This objective is reached at a much lower cost than in the case of providing the IT security with the internal resources of in-house IT specialists, set up and trained within the available budget and frequently overloaded with works.




    Datanet’s Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”) solutions include initial design, installation, commissioning as well as technical support, on-demand reconfigurations, updates and ongoing monitoring. Thus, you benefit from comprehensive high quality services regarding the use of a modern and efficient IT security solution. You can choose the level of IT security that suits your business needs, opting for one of the options below.


    Includes all products related to the Advanced Security Package
    Simplified identity management – Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
    Advanced Web Applications Firewall – F5 WAF
    Incident analysis and reporting service with Security Operations Center (SOC)

    Datanet’s “Basic Security” package is dedicated to all companies that want to deploy a standard cybersecurity architecture, thus ensuring an essential protection of IT applications and data traffic. This service includes managing and combating known and “zero day attacks” computer threats, providing you with ongoing protection for your IT systems that allows you to focus on the main goals of your business.

    Datanet’s “Advanced Security” package is recommended to all companies that need a complex IT security architecture, containing the latest data protection technologies and applications critical to the smooth running of the business. Benefiting from a team of certified specialists at the highest level, we provide continuous specialized technical support to maintain the integrity of your company’s security environment.

    Datanet “Premium Security” package provides a comprehensive security architecture and the professional services for its administration, ensuring end-to-end security for complex networks and business-critical IT systems. You also benefit of extended visibility on potential threats and malicious behaviors with our SOC service, helping you to better prevent cyber-attacks and to fight against security breaches.


    Soitron SOC provides infrastructure monitoring, security monitoring and threat intelligence.

    We monitor and analyse events 24h/24h or 8 hours/day for 5 days/week, according to the customer contract. If the customer requests a switch from 8×5 to 24×7 coverage, we are able to handle it.

    For security monitoring we collect logs from security appliances, such as firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, web security appliances, email security appliances, web application firewalls, access logs from servers, through syslog, netflow (ipfix) and eStreamer protocols. We receive security and infrastructure events as well as threat intelligence info and analyse them. After we identify a relevant security incident, we notify the customer.

    The security incident notifications sent to the customer contain the following types of information: Classification (Priority) / Categorisation of incident, Analysis information, Recommendations and Details.

    Our standard SLA is the following:

    Security incident

      • Priority 1 – 2 hours.
      • Priority 2 – 4 hours.
      • Priority 3 – 8 hours.

    Categories of Security Incidents (Enisa taxonomy used by CSIRT/SOCs around the world):

      • Abusive content – spam, harmful speech, child/sexual/violence;
      • Malicious Code – Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, Dialler, Rootkit;
      • Information gathering – Scanning, Sniffing, Social Engineering;
      • Intrusion attempts – Exploiting known vulnerabilities, Login attempts, New attack signature;
      • Intrusions – privileged account compromise, Unprivileged account compromise, Application compromise, Bot;
      • Availability – DoS, DDoS, Sabotage, Outage;
      • Information content security – Unauthorized access to information / modification of information;
      • Fraud – Unauthorized use of resources, Copyright, Masquerade, Phishing;
      • Vulnerable – Open for abuse;
      • Other – All incidents which do not fit in one of the given categories.

    Infrastructure incident

      • Priority 1 – 30 min.
      • Priority 2 – 1 hour.
      • Priority 3 – 2 hours.
      • Priority 4 – 4 hours.

    Categories depend on type of devices and monitored parameters.

    Threat intelligence (New vulnerabilities and relevant security information) it depends on CVSS score :

    • Priority 1 – Critical CVSSv3 – 24 hours.
    • Priority 2 – High CVSSv3 – 7 days.
    • Priority 3 – Medium – other security information – 31 days.

    Optionally, we can block attackers if customer requests this service component, by integrating our blocker modules with customer appliances (firewalls/webproxy etc).


    Cost predictability

    By choosing the security infrastructure solutions provided by Datanet, you can benefit from a predictable cost and service model.

    Business continuity

    Our company effectively provides you with an IT service that facilitates your uninterrupted activity.

    Resource optimization

    By choosing Datanet Systems services, you will be able to focus your company’s resources on its strategic directions.

    Lower risks due to the permanent access to a team of experts

    By outsourcing the security services, you have permanent access to a team of IT security experts, at much lower costs than those needed to build and maintain an in-house team.

    Premium security products

    As part of Datanet’s IaaS solution, you will receive premium IT security products from a market leader – Cisco Systems – integrated into a complete solution and regularly updated by a team of experts certified by the manufacturer.


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