Datanet Systems


The Datanet powered by Millennium solutions, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, enables you to provide end-to-end service, self-service, or assisted and local services across all channels. Connect with state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning, voice biometrics, IoT, chatbot / mailbot, and CoBrowsing to make it easy for customers to love the interaction with your company.


Access to important information whenever you need

CRM (a tool for customer relationship management) is becoming more and more the important part of every company. It provides effective automation of business processes. It can help your company get more clients and create tailor-made services for the existing ones.

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Increase work efficiency with a quality portal solution

Portal solutions represent an instrument to streamline business processes. They simplify management of large amounts of information, documents and other materials and make them available to thousands of users and improve internal co-operation and communication. The result is a system thanks to which you can easily manage and record everything in one place. The solution is suitable for both intranet as well as internet environment.

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Application development exactly according to your expectations

We create unique solutions with a modern design and friendly user experience. We cover the entire web and mobile application development cycle, from analysis and application design through its implementation to testing and project management. We have delivered web and mobile apps to the leaders in the banking and telecommunication fields.

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Be flexible and work from anywhere!

Enterprise mobility, also known as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), provides companies with access to important enterprise internal data anytime from anywhere. The latest trends in enterprise mobility state that 61% of employees reports working outside the office at least once a week, while using at least 3 different devices to perform their work activities.

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Get a tool for effective decision-making

Many companies face the problem of data being either difficult to access, or there is just too much of it and it becomes chaotic. The optimal solution is to use Business Intelligence (BI) tools and Reporting transforming business data into information in visually attractive form. Thus, the manager gets an overview of the status and activities of the company immediately, what leads to more effective decision-making.

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