Managed Security Services and their advantages of utilization

Recently added to Datanet Systems’ portfolio, Managed Security Services is a product designed specifically for companies with up to 150 employees. This comprehensive service package encompasses a broad range of activities, including continuous monitoring and threat detection, efficient management of security incidents, in-depth analysis and reporting of security events, robust protection against cyber-attacks, and seamless implementation of security measures.
Featuring products and solutions from top vendors, what truly sets it apart is the access to Datanet Systems’ team of highly trained and qualified experts, capable of tackling any cybersecurity challenge.
The Managed Security Services package is the perfect solution for companies with a high level of digitization, online exposure, and remote workforce, but lack advanced in-house IT and security expertise. These companies want a high level of protection against threats and to ensure compliance with specific requirements or regulations.



By contracting the managed security services from Datanet Systems, these organizations will benefit from top-notch solutions and expertise, along with additional resources whenever needed, enabling them to focus on their core activities while ensuring that security aspects are efficiently and professionally managed.

Moreover, the burden on the budget is alleviated as the investment in technology is shifted to a monthly subscription model.


What is the Managed Security Services?


Based on the specific business needs, the Datanet Systems team installs certain physical and virtual equipment and appliances (such as Next Generation Firewall) into the client’s network. These devices serve as the foundation for activating various specific cybersecurity solutions and services (such as Intrusion Prevention System, Advanced Malware Protection, Application Control, URL, DNS & Video Filtering, Antispam, etc).

Additionally, VPN services and multi-factor authentication solutions can be provided where they are not already in place. Under the contract, any equipment installed at the client’s location will be consistently operational and kept up to date with regular updates.

The Datanet team is the one responsible for monitoring and analyzing multiple traffic indicators, logs, signals, etc., to detect and investigate any vulnerabilities and attacks. Periodically, the beneficiary will receive activity reports detailing the current state of the security infrastructure, blocked attacks, types of threats and vulnerabilities, and implemented measures.

The services can be customized to meet the specific needs of each beneficiary, with an overall service level agreement (SLA) that includes a four-hour response time for requests during business hours and a two-day timeframe for replacing any faulty equipment. Over time, the Managed Security Services offering will be expanded to include additional managed service packages for Wi-Fi networks, SD-WAN, and more.

Datanet Systems’ Managed Security Services do not serve as a security guarantee but rather aim to achieve a baseline level of protection for organizations that prioritize data integrity, desire visibility and control over their IT systems, and seek a secure working environment for their employees.


The beneficiaries of the Managed Security Services provided by Datanet Systems receive::

  • 24/7/365 guaranteed protection
  • On-site installation of a Next-generation
  • Firewall by Datanet technicians
  • Intrusion Prevention System with Deep Packet
  • Inspection capabilities
  • Advanced Malware Protection (network traffic-level antivirus)
  • Antispam, URL filtering, DNS-level filtering
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Application control
  • Secure access to company resources through
  • VPN connections
  • Optional Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Analysis and design services
  • Consultancy services for security incidents
  • Configuration and settings modification services
  • Periodic vulnerability assessments and remediation recommendations
  • Regular upgrades of cybersecurity systems
  • Monthly reporting of detected and prevented attacks and incidents
  • Employee training for risk awareness, recognizing and avoiding cyber threats
  • Help Desk service with a web portal for easy interaction with Datanet experts to open support tickets
  • Replacement of faulty equipment within two business days


Top-notch security at an affordable cost

With the constant growth and diversification of cyber-attacks, as well as the lack of qualified human resources, many companies and public organizations find it challenging to operate securely. While the risk cannot be completely eliminated, and 100% protection cannot be guaranteed, engaging a Managed Security Services provider meets the basic requirements and generates a reasonable level of security against major attack vectors such as ransomware, phishing, software vulnerabilities, malware, viruses, and more.

Main benefits of Datanet’s Managed Security Services:

  • Increased level of security: Clients benefit from higher expertise in the field of cybersecurity, gaining access to top-notch technologies, competencies, and support services. This enables them to effectively address cyber threats and protect their resources and users;
  • Reduced IT costs: By leveraging Managed Services, companies achieve cost savings by eliminating recruitment expenses and salaries for specialized professionals. Managed service providers can invest in specialized skills and offer a diverse range of IT services, improving application performance and aligning investments with real needs;
  • Predictable expenses: Managed services provide companies with stability and guaranteed performance through service level agreements (SLAs). As a result, companies avoid significant technology investments, know the actual cost of the services they receive, and can quickly adapt the range of services and SLAs based on their needs. This is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises that have sporadic needs or fluctuations in workload.

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