Data Center

Software Defined Network, an old solution to new problems

SDN has gained increasing popularity, in the last few years, among different types of companies.
Considered three to four years ago, a solution strictly reserved for data centers and large service providers, SDN has begun in recent years to grow even more among other types of companies.

5 Solutions for the Security Infrastructure Automation

91% of the organisations claim that manual identification and remediation of security incidents affect their speed of reaction. Considering that attacks continuously grow in number and complexity, the automation of security measures provided by Datanet Systems by the means of Cisco technologies can help you be much more efficient and proactive.

Extend the benefits of hyperconvergence with Cisco HyperFlex 3.0

The mass adoption of Cloud environments determines more and more companies to carefully look at the option of hyperconvergent IT infrastructure solutions. Benefits are easy to measure, but market is changing rapidly, with suppliers updating their portfolio on the go, in order to meet new requirements. Datanet Systems can help you make the right choice and get the expected results.