Datanet Systems


Datanet Systems is a system integrator with extensive expertise in remote collaboration systems and customer care solutions. The experience gained and capitalized in the implementations carried out over a decade of activity in this field allows us to offer clients efficient and safe solutions, tailored to their specific needs, without requiring major investment efforts.

Our portfolio of collaboration solutions includes:

  • Complete IP telephony solutions;
  • Video and audio conferencing solutions;
  • Dedicated video terminals;
  • Complete solutions and services for remote collaboration.

Our portfolio of customer care solutions includes:

  • Integrated Contact Center systems for voice, email, web, video, SMS;
  • Speech recognition and voice response systems;
  • Voice authentication systems;
  • Integration with IT systems, custom desktops and back-end software applications;
  • Personalized reporting, interaction recording, quality management, work center management systems in the call center;
  • Systems for the efficiency of call center activity using Robotic Process Automation.

Datanet Systems delivers complete architectures, optimally interconnected with heterogeneous environments and clients’ legacy systems (fax equipment, PBX plants, etc.).

The benefits of Datanet Systems products and services are dealt with in the following pages:

Datanet Systems partners: Cisco, 2Ring, Nuance Communications, Zoom International, Mind CTI.





    Datanet Systems portfolio includes a complete range of premium products for IP telephony, video communications and text messaging:


    • Cost reduction by implementing a centralized system of telephony, video communications and text messaging, using the existing IT infrastructure;
    • Flexible solution for users, who can use mobile phones and landline devices for voice, video and text communication in a secure environment;
    • Ease of adding new work points.



    Datanet Systems has a complete portfolio of video conferencing solutions, capable of providing integrated end-to-end solutions, able to meet the requirements and needs of any type of organization.

    These solutions allow:

    • Increasing the efficiency of teamwork by reducing transport costs and operational expenses;
    • Optimizing the efficiency of mobile employees;
    • Improving decision support and increasing the speed of decision making;
    • Improving the quality of interaction with partners and final customers.

    Products: Cisco videoconferencing terminal equipment and servers.

    Main features:

    • Very good quality of video communication;
    • Sharing content in a simple way within a conference;
    • Recording of the conference session and of the mentions and additions made on the documents;
    • Collaboration with other external organizations that have a voice-video communication system.



    Datanet Systems portfolio includes a complete range of premium products for remote collaboration:


    • Cost reduction by conducting working meetings without having to travel, in an environment that ensures face-to-face contact and content sharing in a simple way;
    • Recording of conference sessions;
    • Collaboration with other external organizations that have a voice-video communication system.



    Datanet Systems has a mature portfolio of call center IT infrastructure solutions and over a decade’s experience in implementing, integrating and optimizing them.

    Our portfolio includes:

    Key Features of Cisco Contact Center Solutions:

    • Integrated solutions for omni-channel contact centers (ensures the service of requests by voice, email, web, video, SMS) that increase the operational efficiency and reduce the management costs;
    • Routing based on predictive analytics that improves customer interaction and business results;
    • Integrated collaboration that increases the rate of first contact requests and customer satisfaction;
    • Open architecture for integrations that creates a unified experience for clients, agents and management;
    • Flexible, on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments that let you choose when and how you develop your contact center system.

    We ensure the implementation of a Cisco contact center based on several models:

    • Unified Contact Center Express – local, for small/medium-sized businesses;
    • Unified Contact Center Enterprise – local, for large enterprises;
    • Hosted Collaboration Solution for Contact Center – in a partner cloud, for large enterprises;
    • Webex Contact Center – in the cloud (runs on the Cisco cloud).

    The main advantages of using Cisco Contact Center solutions:

    • Customer satisfaction and retention;
    • Resolution of requests at the first contact;
    • Increasing productivity;
    • Workforce optimization;
    • Cost reduction.