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The adoption of mobility and cloud services in the enterprise environment is becoming, in the current international context (COVID-19 epidemic), essential elements for any company that wants to maintain its position in the market. Decreasing employees’ dependence on strictly delimited workspaces has become not only a trend but a necessity. If you want to eliminate the risks of public transportation and office attendance, but maintain your operational capabilities, productivity and connecting employees and partners, Datanet Systems has a complete remote collaboration solutions portfolio fitted for your company.

Our experience, gained and capitalized on the implementations made in over 20 years of integration of complex IT solutions, allows us to offer our clients efficient and secure communications and collaboration solutions for remote work (work from home/remote access). These are tailored to specific needs, without the need for major investment efforts.

Depending on the number of participants, functionality and security requirements, Datanet Systems, a Cisco Gold partner specializing in Cisco Unified Communications, can quickly set up an efficient and secure collaboration system. This allows the company’s employees to work from home or remotely as efficiently as from the office, with any device, operating system, or connection type.


Our recommendations for remote collaboration solutions

For remote work Datanet Systems recommends the following set of premium collaboration and IT security products:


    Remote collaboration solutions advantages


    Our solutions provide you with a safe and efficient remote working environment with the following benefits:

    • Build the infrastructure for the implementation of work from home within a business continuity plan;
    • They contribute to the reduction of costs by conducting work meetings without the necessity to travel, in an environment that ensures face-to-face contact and content sharing in a simple way, through a videoconference system;
    • Ensure easy collaboration with other external organizations that have a voice or video communication system.
    work from home solutions



    Cisco Webex is a professional collaboration solution widely used on a global level. Webex is a cloud service and runs on any device: laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. It can be accessed from the browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc) as well as through dedicated applications.

    The commercial Webex service allows the connection of up to 200 participants, the unlimited number of virtual meetings, HD video quality, up to 5 GB of cloud storage as well as the essential functions of video conferencing and collaboration.

    Users communicate by voice and video, can share screens and content (eg files, presentations), and discussions can be recorded and archived. Meetings are easily planned through a calendar with attendance indicators showing the availability of colleagues for interaction. The communication is encrypted AES at 256 bits. Using one of the paid plans (Starter, Plus and Business), the discussions benefit from automatic transcription, which simplifies the way information is searched. The upgrades offer administration and integration portal with Microsoft Active Directory.



    Cisco Umbrella analyzes DNS requests and grants them access or not depending on the result of the analysis performed. The Cisco solution is delivered as a Cloud service and operates on two levels:

    • offers protection both on the infrastructure of organizations and on the mobile users, blocking the threats before they affect the end-points and/or enter the network;
    • prevents systems from compromising and leaking data over any port or protocol, whether the infections have occurred inside or outside the company network or if the malware attempts to connect to the command and control servers through DNS requests or IP connections.

    The Cisco solution doesn’t only provide proactive protection, but also retroactive – if one or more users accessed a compromised domain before it was blocked, they are quickly identified and can be automatically quarantined and/or Umbrella blocked by any other DNS request.



    Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall offers advanced protection against vulnerabilities and computer breaches. The equipment allows the creation of security zones and access policies between zones, monitors and analyzes traffic at the application level (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) and by categories of domains (social media, gambling, drugs, etc.) and blocks non-compliant traffic according to defined security policies.

    Also, Cisco ASA facilitates the automatic application of security policies across the organization and allows integration with Active Directory to correlate security policies with defined user categories.



    Cisco AnyConnect provides remote VPN access to the Internet. The application simplifies and improves the experience of the users of mobile devices and dynamically adapts the VPN (virtual private network) services according to the latency requirements of the applications.

    Also, AnyConnect Apex offers a wide range of terminal device security services from a single unified agent.



    Cisco Duo provides dual authentication (device and person) for remote connections through AnyConnect VPN and Windows Logon and also provides the ability to add double authentication to client applications.



    Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise is a cloud service for mobile device management. It provides centralized management of Windows and macOS mobile devices and workstations from a single control point.

    It also allows the centralized creation and implementation of compliance settings for mobile devices (password requirements, mandatory security code on the device, blocking access to the room, data limit on SIM cards), blocking access to different mobile applications according to security policies defined by the administrator.

    Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise integrates device geolocation functions for better control and simplifies the installation/uninstallation of mobile applications through a centralized interface.

    IT infrastructure as a Datanet service


    In order to ease the effort of investing and implementing the IT infrastructure for work from home, Datanet Systems provides the collaboration and IT security infrastructure as a service. By purchasing this service you get:

    • a set of the latest technological products and services, integrated within a collaboration architecture and IT security, as well as
    • access to a team of experts in collaboration platforms and computer security systems, which ensures the configuration, monitoring, and updating of these products;
    • the predictable distribution of costs, paying a fixed monthly subscription.

    The benefits of the Work from Home solution provided by Datanet Systems are dealt with in the following pages:

    To find out more details about Datanet’s offer and about the technical capabilities of the products and services described above, please contact us using the contact form on this page or write to us at