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Datanet Systems possesses solid experience in the full implementation and management of data center infrastructure projects. We are one of the few local system integrators able to offer from consulting, design, and relocation services to the development, optimization, and migration of modern Data Center architectures.

Datanet Systems partners: Cisco, EMC, VMware, Veeam, NettApp, Fujitsu, F5.

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Datanet Systems is among the few local system integrators with real experience and expertise in Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies. The SDN solutions we develop are based on a world-leading technology, with an accelerated adoption rate.
The advantages offered by the SDN technology provided by Datanet are:
  • increasing applications’ performance level;
  • simplifying and automating the network management process;
  • reducing the effort of managing applications;
  • optimization of configuration and provisioning operations;
  • streamline the allocation and use of resources;
  • improving the level of security and compliance.

The solution offered by Datanet Systems is based on the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture.

Datanet Systems is the first company to invest in the creation and development of a Cisco ACI laboratory in Romania, which allows the simulation, testing, and validation of new generation architectures in scenarios that reproduce real specifications and configurations.

Through our multi-vendor competences and extensive capabilities of integrating SDN technology into heterogeneous environments, we ensure the gradual transition from traditional infrastructures to new generation architectures and offer the possibility to capitalize on investments already made.

The benefits of the Cisco ACI solution and the expertise of the Datanet team are demonstrated by the results of the SDN data center infrastructure projects we have completed


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