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Datanet Systems possesses solid experience in the full implementation and management of data center infrastructure projects. We are one of the few local system integrators able to offer from consulting, design, and relocation services to the development, optimization, and migration of modern Data Center architectures.

Datanet Systems partners: Cisco, EMC, VMware, Veeam, NettApp, Fujitsu, F5.

The benefits of Datanet Systems products and services in the field of data center infrastructure are dealt with in the following pages:


Datanet Systems is among the few local system integrators with real experience and expertise in Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies. The SDN solutions we develop are based on a world-leading technology, with an accelerated adoption rate.
The advantages offered by the SDN technology provided by Datanet are:
  • increasing applications’ performance level;
  • simplifying and automating the network management process;
  • reducing the effort of managing applications;
  • optimization of configuration and provisioning operations;
  • streamline the allocation and use of resources;
  • improving the level of security and compliance.

The solution offered by Datanet Systems is based on the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architecture.

Datanet Systems is the first company to invest in the creation and development of a Cisco ACI laboratory in Romania, which allows the simulation, testing, and validation of new generation architectures in scenarios that reproduce real specifications and configurations.

Through our multi-vendor competences and extensive capabilities of integrating SDN technology into heterogeneous environments, we ensure the gradual transition from traditional infrastructures to new generation architectures and offer the possibility to capitalize on investments already made.

The benefits of the Cisco ACI solution and the expertise of the Datanet team are demonstrated by the results of the SDN data center infrastructure projects we have completed


    Products and technologies in Datanet Systems’ datacenter portfolio:




    The datacenter infrastructure solutions provided by Datanet Systems contain the following product categories:

    Cisco Nexus – series of datacenter switch equipment characterized by:

    • high performance;
    • high density of ports;
    • extended capabilities to be programmed;
    • small delays;
    • low energy consumption and,
    • a wide range of sizes available.

    Cisco ACIPremium Software Defined Networking solution in datacenters, that implements a flexible, secure and open architecture. This solution is described below.




    These servers can run virtualized and non-virtualized applications and are optimized for:

    • Performance;
    • Low energy consumption;
    • Flexibility;
    • Scalability;
    • Resilience;
    • Productivity in use and unified management.



    A central component of the virtualization process is the centralized data storage system.

    NetApp and Dell EMC data storage systems are hardware + software products and have a modular hardware architecture.

    Data organization is done in files and system volumes, optional in qtrees, and for SAN environments the organization is done in LUN (Logical Unit Number).

    The systems supports the following options:

    • Two SP (Service Processor) active.
    • High performance;
    • Resilience;
    • Flexibility, scalability;
    • High data deduplication rate.
    • Hybrid, all-flash and NVMe configurations.




    Veeam Backup & Replication offers availability for all work environments: virtual, cloud and physical. With a simple management console, you can easily perform operations such as: backup, recovery and fast replication – flexible and reliable for all your applications and data.

    Veeam backup and replication protect the following environments/applications:

    • AWS and Microsoft Azure;
    • VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V & Nutanix AHV;
    • Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows & Linux;
    • Microsoft, Oracle & SAP.

    Key capabilities:

    • Backup and Recovery: Make sure your data is saved and recoverable on your terms with various backups and granular recovery options.
    • Automation: Prepare, test and orchestrate the DR strategy to protect critical applications.
    • Cloud Portability: If Cloud is part of your data center strategy, be prepared to back up and retrieve data from/to Cloud for portability and cost savings.
    • Compliance: Efficiently manage backups from virtual testing to ensure that copies of your data can be recovered, securely and safely.




    Products: F5 LTM, F5 ASM.


    • Ensures high availability of services offered by the enterprise;
    • Features traffic balancing capabilities, based on several criteria: source/destination IP, port, the lowest load server;
    • Provides DDOS protection;
    • Can provide additional security services (Web Application Firewall);
    • Reduces the application server load;
    • Integrates into the customer’s existing infrastructure, without major changes.
    • Offers multiple implementation alternatives: virtual/appliance/cloud.

    Software Defined Systems from Datanet Systems’ portfolio:




    Cisco ACI is an industry-leading SDN solution that ensures policy-based automation of the datacenter network, containing integrated underlay (switching/packet delivery) and overlay (virtualization and control) levels, is hypervisor agnostic and extends automation policies to any computing resource – virtual machines, physical servers and containers.

    Cisco ACI Anywhere offers a feature set that ensures seamless connectivity between a local datacenter and multiple geographically dispersed centers under a single policy orchestration panel, and also extends these features to locations in the Public Cloud.

    The main advantages of Cisco ACI:

    Network optimization

    • Operational simplicity, with common policies, management and operating models related to applications, network and security;
    • A flexible and highly available network, which allows the agile implementation of applications in one location or in multiple locations, while eliminating the need for a complex infrastructure of Data Center Interconnect;
    • Centralized management and network visibility with complete automation and real-time network health monitoring;
    • Perfect integration of underlay and overlay levels
      Northbound API interface that provides flexibility for DevOps teams and integration possibilities for ecosystem partners;
    • A cloud ready SDN solution;
    • Common platform for managing physical and virtual environments.

    Protects the business

    • Continuity of activity and disaster recovery;
    • Secure network with a zero-trust security model and innovative security features, such as micro-segmentation;
    • Cloud-scale, hardware-accelerated security.

    Accelerates the path to multi-cloud performance

    • Unique policy and seamless connectivity in any data center and public cloud;
    • Any hypervisor, any computing resource, any location, any cloud;
    • Cloud automation enabled by integrating with vRealize, AzurePack, OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes and Cisco UCS Director.


    Cisco HyperFlex offers a complete software-defined infrastructure that contains computing resources, data storage and networks.
    It combines software-defined computing using Cisco UCS servers, software-defined storage using Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform and software-defined networking (SDN) using Cisco Unified Fabric, which seamlessly integrates with Cisco ACI infrastructure. With hybrid, all-flash and all-NVMe configurations, self-encryption options, and a new accelerator engine, the systems provide a pre-integrated cluster that can be up and running in one hour and allow each resource category to be scaled to meet closely meets the resource needs of your applications.

    Additional information about Cisco HyperFlex and Cisco Intersight can be found on the Cloud Virtualization and Infrastructure page.