Datanet Systems


Datanet Systems is one of the few local system integrators capable of guaranteeing the availability and performance level of its customers’ infrastructure and having multi-vendor competencies. We offer complete Data Networking Infrastructure solutions for companies and public organizations as well as telecom service providers through an expanded portfolio of premium technologies, including:

  • Active equipment of data network infrastructure;
  • Software systems Defined by data networks;
  • Applications of inventory, administration and configuration of the infrastructure;
  • IT security solutions;
  • Data network performance management systems.

In addition, Datanet Systems offers evaluation, consulting, implementation, development and support services. The end-to-end solutions provided are pre-tested in the Datanet lab, which allows for the replication of heterogeneous scenarios and configurations encountered in clients. Datanet offer is supported by certifications and experience gained in many implementations.

The benefits of Datanet Systems products and services in the field of data center infrastructure are dealt with in the following pages:



    The technologies and access speed, the threats and security systems, the increased number of devices connected in the network make the field of enterprise communication infrastructure to be extremely dynamic.

    Datanet Systems offers to medium and large organizations complete data infrastructure solutions, developed based on specific requirements. Datanet customers benefit from the possibility of pre-testing the chosen equipment and configurations in real environments, which ensures the rapid identification and elimination of interoperability problems and achieving optimal performance parameters.

    Datanet solutions and architectures, already validated in cross-industry implementations, include from networking equipment and applications, to advanced security tools and platforms for monitoring, controlling and managing performance, from different vendors.


    Datanet Systems offers telecommunication service providers scalable data infrastructure solutions that are capable of meeting the specific requirements of flexibility, agility, and availability. The new generation technologies offered are optimized both in terms of acquisition cost and operating cost. The multi-vendor skills we possess and the experience gained in numerous projects provide the company with the know-how necessary to build a flexible offer, tailored to the client’s requirements.

    Datanet Systems’ offer includes solutions and equipment, but also pre-tested configurations, infrastructure topologies validated in national projects, design services, installation, migration of traffic from existing infrastructures to new ones.

    Datanet Systems Partner: Cisco.





    • Scalable architectures with a high degree of software and hardware resilience;
    • Supports varying levels of traffic, from low speeds up to 100Gbps speeds and more;
    • Flexibility, security and performance;
    • Premium quality.





    • Mobility, fast communication and security;
    • Unique, integrated management of WiFi communications infrastructure;
    • Capabilities for rejecting and preventing unauthorized hot spots within the company;
    • Capabilities of providing guest access to the Internet, by integrating with identity management (Cisco ISE) solutions;
    • User localization capabilities.


    As the network complexity and the diversification of devices that connect to the network and the way they interact increase, the needs of the network administrators have changed. Today the operation and maintenance of medium or large size networks, consisting of heterogeneous equipment offering diversified services, is impossible to achieve without dedicated platforms.

    Datanet Systems has in its portfolio a wide range of solutions for data network management, covering both the performance and failures management area, as well as the configuration and inventory management area. Also, Datanet Systems offers design and development services of additional modules that bring new functionalities, designed to meet the business needs of customers. 



    Cisco DNA Center is the control and analysis platform that offers a unique dashboard for all your core management activities, simplifying the operation of your Cisco-made network.

    The platform covers the following directions of activity:

    • Design: Design your network using intuitive workflows, starting from the locations where your network devices will be deployed.
    • Policy Implementation: Define user profiles and devices that facilitate extremely secure access and network segmentation based on business needs. Application policies allow critical IT applications within your organization to ensure a constant level of performance, regardless of network congestion.
    • Configuration: Use policy-based automation to provide network services based on business priorities and simplify equipment installation. The functions of equipment configuration and software management of “zero-touch” software reduce the time of installation and upgrade of the equipment from hours to minutes and ensure the communication for new remote locations easily, eliminating the need for the initial pre-configuration of the Cisco network equipment.
    • Security: Cisco DNA Assurance enables each network device to become a sensor, continuously transmitting real-time telemetry of the data streams that pass through it, including application performance data and user connectivity. This, together with the automatic visibility of the communication routes and the guided remediation, leads to the remediation of the data network incidents in just a few minutes, before they become problems.
    • Integration: An open and expandable platform allows third-party applications and processes to exchange data with Cisco DNA Center. This enhances IT operations by automating work processes based on network information provided by the Cisco DNA Center.



    Infosim StableNet® provides fault management, performance, configuration and services on a single platform. It is a vendor-independent solution, based on a unique and consistent source code. The solution is easy to integrate and offers high performance without the need for special hardware resources.

    The unified approach to managing networks and services has been proven by a large number of projects in key industries such as energy, finance, production, retail, telecommunications and others. With this approach integrated by NMS, Infosim® ensures the simple and safe management of large heterogeneous network infrastructures.

    Benefits of the StableNet platform:

    • Allows monitoring of any device that can be queried by SNMP or CLI, regardless of the manufacturer;
    • Besides the classic areas of management (of the failures and the performance of equipment in the data networks), it includes functionalities for server, applications, services, VoIP communication management, as well as management and automation of processes;
    • Provides configuration management functions, including backup and restore, auditing to verify compliance with company standards and those specific to various industries, checking for vulnerabilities;
    • Provides a flexible reporting module that allows the creation and customization of reports;
    • It offers the possibility of integration with external systems and allows the execution of custom scripts when events occur;
      It offers the possibility of implementing a Cloud-based solution that offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) monitoring services.



    SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a vendor-independent platform that effectively monitors the essential parameters of small and medium-sized data networks.

    Main benefits of SolarWinds NPM:

    • A low-cost solution for managing small and medium-sized heterogeneous networks;
    • Intuitive and customizable web interface, available even on mobile terminals;
    • An intelligent alert mode that allows you to configure alerts for related events;
    • Allows monitoring of any SNMP parameter by creating custom measurements;
    • Provides functionality for Deep Packet Inspection;
    • To extend the functionality, the modules can be added: Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Network Configuration Monitor (NCM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM).