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In order to successfully manage the risks of cybersecurity today, organizations must look at their security model as a whole and ensure visibility and control for the entire duration of a cyber attack: before the attack occurs, during the attack, after it starts damaging IT systems or stealing information, as well as blocking the attack, investigating events and applying measures to prevent a recurrence. It is also necessary for the security model to cover the entire organization’s data network, terminal equipment, mobile devices, data centers, virtual environments, and Cloud applications.


Adopting an IT security architecture provides you with advanced protection against the security threats of the entire IT system and involves the cooperation of security systems in all stages of computer attacks.


Datanet Systems’ experience in cybersecurity


Datanet Systems is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, and its team of security experts designs and implements complete security architectures for medium and large companies and for public sector organizations, adapting these solutions to organizations’ requirements, goals and budgets.

Our extensive security and integration capabilities for complex IT infrastructures allow us to provide turn-key, pre-tested and integrated solutions into coherent security architectures. Our portfolio includes Cisco, Juniper Networks, F5, Fortinet, Splunk, Crowdstrike, Illusive Networks, Cymulate, CyberArk, Gemalto products and services.

Also, for organizations that need an integrated quality system to manage security risks but have limited resources from internal technical expertise, Datanet Systems provides IT security infrastructure as a service and Security Operations Center (SOC) services.

Datanet’s cybersecurity portfolio



    Benefits of Datanet Systems products and services

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