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The adoption of Internet of Things technologies has gained momentum in the past year. The offer has diversified rapidly, technologies have begun to mature and an increased number of early adopters report a positive return on investments. According to recent studies on more than 1,500 global IoT implementations, Smart City and Connected industry are among the most widespread applications.

In the ranking of elements that motivate customers to adopt Internet of Things technologies, currently, the top places are occupied by:

  • Increasing operational efficiency;
  • Introduction of automatic distance measuring systems;
  • Loss reduction;
  • Improving decision support;
  • Stricter regulations;
  • Improving customer relationships.

The products and systems portfolio developed by Datanet Systems responds with precision to all of these requirements, while offering a number of specific competitive advantages:

– These products enable our customers to reap the benefits of low cost IoT technologies, so they can get acquainted with new technologies and identify areas of application with the best economic yield.

– Additionally, all Datanet’s IoT solutions, based on LoRa, NB-IoT and WiFi protocols, can scale up to tens of thousands of active devices, bringing to customers the full potential of economic benefits available.

The benefits of the Internet of Things solutions provided by us are detailed in the following pages:


    Datanet Systems’ IoT system and products portfolio consist of the following: