Datanet Systems


Datanet Systems has an extensive portfolio of application virtualization solutions in local data centers and in the Cloud. We offer consulting services, design, implementation and configuration of virtual infrastructures, as well as migration solutions from the physical to the virtual environment.


Datanet Systems virtualization solutions ensure:

  • consolidation of physical infrastructures;
  • optimizing the use of resources;
  • the possibility of using local and cloud computing resources managed individually;
  • scalability and flexibility;
  • simplification and automation of operating activities;
  • controlling the use of resources through cost models;
  • improving the security of applications and data.

The offer of premium solutions and services provided by Datanet Systems ensure the simplification and efficiency of the operational activities in the datacenter. The experience and competencies of Datanet Systems, together with the possibility of validating the solutions and configurations in the company’s laboratory, allow a rapid collection of of the pursued benefits.

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