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Datanet Systems is one of the few local system integrators able to guarantee the availability and performance of its customers’ infrastructure, possessing multi-vendor competencies. We provide full Data Networking Infrastructure solutions for enterprises and for service providers, through a wide portfolio of premium technologies, including:

  • Active data networking infrastructure equipment;
  • Infrastructure counting and configuration tools;
  • Infrastructure management systems;
  • Security solutions;
  • Data network performance management systems;

Datanet Systems also provides analysis, consultancy, implementation, development, and support services. The end-to-end solutions provided are pretested in the Datanet laboratory, which allows for the replication of the various customer scenarios and configurations. Datanet’s offer is backed by certifications and by the expertise acquired through the numerous implementations.



Data Center Infrastructure is one of Datanet Systems’ main areas of expertise. We constantly invest in the expansion and diversification of the premium solutions offered, as well as in developing skills and obtaining relevant certifications.

Datanet portfolio currently includes:

  • Data network infrastructure solutions and equipment;
  • Processing unit servers and centralized management tools;
  • Storage equipment, SAN and NAS solutions;
  • Backup, archiving, deduplication, replication, and operational continuity solutions and software.




Datanet Systems is one of the few local system integrators possessing real expertise and competencies in the field of Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies. The SDN solutions we develop rely on a world leader technology, with an accelerated adoption pace.

Datanet Systems is the first company to have invested in the establishment and development of a Cisco ACI laboratory in Romania, which helps simulate, test, and validate new generation architectures in scenarios reproducing real-life specifications and configurations.




Datanet Systems approaches systematically data centers architecture, proposing models based on flexible solutions, easy to integrate and operate, that allow centralized administration of the infrastructure and ensures a superior level of availability.

Datanet architecture model offers:

  • Reduced administration effort of heterogeneous infrastructures;
  • Troubleshoot compatibility problems between “legacy” infrastructures and equipment and / or new solutions;
  • Coherent integration of virtual and physical environments;
  • Increasing the visibility of the entire infrastructure;
  • Elimination of the over-provisioning risk;
  • Simplifying management and operational processes.



Datanet Systems holds an extensive portfolio of multi-hypervisor virtual solutions, covering server and storage equipment virtualization, up to Virtual Desktop projects. We provide consultancy, design, implementation, and virtual infrastructure configuration services, as well as migration solutions from physical to virtual environment.

Datanet Systems virtualization solutions ensure:

  • Physical infrastructure strengthening;
  • Resource use optimization;
  • Management process automation;
  • Software and data security improvement.

Datanet Systems provides enterprises with full Cloud infrastructure integration services, as well as as-a-Service delivery models (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), and offers business process and infrastructure service automation tools.

Datanet’s offer also includes orchestration solutions, which unitarily integrate Cloud infrastructures, virtual environments, and physical infrastructures, and facilitate the management thereof from a single application.



Datanet Systems is a system integrator with extended competencies in the unified communication systems and video and web conference and collaboration systems. The experience acquired and capitalized in the implementations completed in more than a decade of activity in this field allows us to provide enterprises with methods of gradual transition towards the new technologies, which facilitates the migration from the analogical to the IP environment without requiring a major initial investment effort.

Datanet Systems’ collaboration solution portfolio includes:

  • IP telephony solutions;
  • Voice Mail systems;
  • Call Control applications;
  • Voice gateways;
  • Video and audio conference solutions;
  • Dedicated video terminals.

Datanet Systems delivers complete infrastructures, adequately connected to customers’ heterogeneous and “legacy” systems (fax equipment, PBX exchanges, etc.), which allows them to increase profitability and write off the investments made.



Datanet Systems holds a diversified portfolio of security solutions and a high level of expertise, based on which it has developed a gradual and flexible approach, adapted to the enterprises’ requirements, objectives, and budgets. The extensive competencies both in the security, and in the complex infrastructure integration area, allow us to deliver “turnkey solutions”, tested and integrated in coherent security architectures.

Datanet Systems security portfolio includes the following categories of solutions:

  • Advanced Threat Protection;
  • Network and Data Center Security;
  • Secure Mobility and Endpoint Solutions;
  • Secure Content Gateway;
  • Access and Policy Management;
  • Security Information and Event Analysis;
  • One Time Password.

Through the technologies used, Datanet may develop and implement full company resource protection systems, able to guarantee a flexible and safe working environment, as well as secure services, with high levels of availability, both for employees, and for end customers.




Most security solutions today focus on visibility and blocking at the point of entry in order to protect systems. Security methods can’t focus solely on detection but must also include the ability to mitigate the impact once an attacker gets in. Organizations need to look at their security model holistically and gain visibility and control across the extended network and the full attack continuum: before an attack happens, during the time it is in progress and even after it begins to damage systems or steal information.

Before an attack you need to know what’s on your network in order to be able to defend it (devices, users, services, applications), and to implement access controls as well as to install policies and blocking applications and overall access to assets;

During an attack, you must have the best detection of unknown threats you can get in order to block it and protect your busineess.

After the attack you must be able to determine the extent of the damage, limit the event, remedy and restore operations back to normal. These things must be done as quickly as possible, ideally automatically, because after the data has been stolen, it takes only a few minutes / hours for it to be forwarded. You also need to address a wide range of attack vectors with solutions that act wherever the threat may be: network, endpoints, mobile devices, and virtual environments.

Security Architecture requires a comprehensive advanced threat protection covering the entire attack continuum and a broad set of application and remediation options. All components of the architecture need to integrate with the access control solution, in order to dynamically and automatically change the authorization of a device or user based on its current, real-time security posture.

Datanet Systems is Certified Cisco Gold and VMware Enterprise partner and its team of security experts is capable of designing, delivering, implementing and optimizing a comprehensive security architecture for medium and large companies and public sector organizations.






A communications network for Air Traffic Control organsations provides secure, reliable operations and services to the public.

Due to their operational objectives and inherent needs of security and reliability, Air Traffic Control (ATC) organizations have very specific communication needs. Along with specific systems for radar and air traffic operations, ground operations require a consistent voice communication infrastructure.



Telcom service providers are facing a constant pressure to deliver more using less resources.

Datanet, with more than 15 years of experience in providing data network infrastructure systems and services, understands the business drivers of the service providers, their needs of technical innovation, price effectiveness, reliability, consistent high quality of services and tight SLA.



Customer services are essential for the financial and banking institutions. Datanet Systems made a long term investment in its team of experts and its portfolio of integrated solutions for call center and customer services.

Our very close business relationship with tenths of customers from the banking sector allowed us to design customized solutions responding to the specific needs of efficiency, reliability and security.



In order to permanently improve the medical care quality, Datanet Systems created and developed a unique telemedicine solution through the singularity of the designed architecture.

The need for this solution appeared as a result of multiple critical situations which the doctors from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit have to deal with.

On one hand, it is about their need of having advanced means of communication which allow them fast consultation in conditions of guaranteed quality of transmission – of specialized physicians who either are not in the hospital or in the country, in a specific case.



With the help of the technologies used, Datanet can develop and deploy comprehensive resource protection systems for companies, capable of providing a flexible and secure work environment, as well as secured services with high levels of availability for both employees and end-users.

Our premium solutions provide full visibility in all phases of cyber attacks, increased response speeds and improved protection and efficiency of response to advanced computer threats and targeted attacks.

Datanet Systems Partners: Cisco, Symantec, FireEye, SafeNet, McAfee, SolarWinds, RSA / EMC.