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DATANET LORA-FTG (LoRa File Transfer Gateway) is a device that contains all the elements of a LoRaWAN network – radio gateway, network server, application server – pre-integrated as a single product, for facilitating the implementation of a data collection project using LoRa technology.

Datanet LORA-FTG


  • LORA-FTG is a robust, fast, simple and affordable solution for adopting IoT technologies in your organization. The Total Cost of Ownership for a LoRa network created with LORA-FTG is several times lower than in the case of the classic LoRaWAN network solution, consisting of radio gateway equipment, network server and application server software, all of them interconnected with low-delay IP communication lines;
  • To create a complete and resilient standard LoRaWAN network for hundreds or thousands of terminal devices, with redundancy for gateways, network servers, application servers and communication lines between them, it is only necessary the field installation of several DATANET LORA-FTGs equipped with SIMs for mobile data communication. The data acquired through this network will be delivered directly, regularly, to the configured destination, in the form of MsExcel compatible files.


  • The technical details and the complexity of a LoRaWAN network are transparent to the administrator of a multi-LORA-FTG data collection system. All you need to do is to configure the LoRa terminal devices and the destination of the collected data (email addresses, file transfer server or web server). LORA-FTG starts with the standard parameters of a LoRaWAN network. When necessary, the administrator can edit the configuration file that contains those parameters;
  • LORA-FTG greatly simplifies the development of an IoT LoRa network because, in order to deliver the collected data, the only requirement is the use of a SIM for 3G / 4G mobile data communication. Thus, for creating a complete LoRa infrastructure for data collection, neither any leased lines nor any cloud or on-premises virtual machines are needed. The data received will be periodically delivered to the configured destination as files;
  • The continuity of operation of a LoRa network created from DATANET LORA-FTGs is not affected by equipment failure or temporary interruption of the mobile data connections. It is possible to create a resilient LoRaWAN network using multiple LORA-FTGs that redundantly cover a geographical area. If a LoRaWAN terminal is within the radio coverage radius of two LORA-FTGs, the data sent by it will be delivered to the destination if at least one LORA-FTG is operational.


  • LORA-FTG is built to operate outdoor. The equipment operates in the temperature range of -30° to + 70° C and its solid and durable aluminium case provides IP 67 protection. The product case has wall mounting holes and bar/pole mounting accessories. All you need to do to make it work is to connect it to 220V, using the included PoE convertor;
  • One LORA-FTG can communicate with up to 300 LoRa endpoint devices. In order to cover a larger number of devices, several LORA-FTG products shall be installed in the respective area;
  • The recommended coverage range in urban areas, without line of sight, is 700-1000m, distance affected by the presence between the FTG and the terminal of massive obstacles for radio propagation, such as apartment blocks, buildings with multiple reinforced concrete walls, trees or dense vegetation, metal constructions, hills, as well as by the height of the antenna from the ground. The recommended coverage range in rural areas with line of sight is 5 km, provided that both products are mounted at the suitable height from the ground. For instance, for 5km distance, LORA-FTG shall be installed at a height of 40m and the terminal at 2m, or both devices shall be installed at a height of 21 m from the ground.


Datanet ensures the following services:

  • design of the LoRaWAN network consisting of several DATANET LORA-FTGs;
  • delivery, installation and commissioning of the system;
  • training, service and technical assistance services.


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