Datanet Systems


Turn Key Architecture Systems For DATA CENTERS


Datanet Systems specializes on the architecture of data centers, proposing models that are based on flexibles solutions, easy to integrate and operate, that allow the centralized management of infrastructure and ensures a superior level of availability.


The Datanet architecture design allows the following:


  • Minimizing the administration effort of the heterogeneous infrastructures;
  • Solving the compatibility problems between the legacy infrastructures and the new equipment / solutions;
  • The coherent integration between virtual and physical spaces;
  • Increase in visibility over entire infrastructure;
  • Excluding the over-provisioning risk;
  • Simplifying operational and management processes.



Adopting a hybrid and dynamic infrastructure, capable to adapt despite the load and the inherent changes, leads to an optimized business process.


Datacenter infrastructures have a higher complexity, an automatized platform will simplify the management and tracking processes of a good functionality.


It performs log analysis of all devices and data collection, allowing access and customization of the interface to simplify reporting on the type of data that has been blocked or other registered categories.


It allows users to access data and applications from cloud and back office systems in a coherent manner, transferring the data between them, with no effort.


Data centers infrastructures need an automatization that can link requirements with high services’ requirements, increasing the efficency of management processes.

Datanet architecture design ensures:

  • Centralized administration of the entire physical infrastructure and virtual environments from a single management interface;
  • Automation of installation, configuration and provisioning processes;
  • Dynamic resource allocation depending on the workload and / or specific requirements;
  • Increase the performance of your applications;
  • The control of the communication between the equipment and / or applications;
  • Efficient capitalization of the network storage virtualization projects;
  • Real-time monitoring of the performance of the entire infrastructure;
  • Proactivity in managing peak loads and unplanned downtime;
  • Increase the level of protection and availability of data and applications;
  • Simplify and secure authentication processes and access to resources;
  • Reduce operating costs;
  • Lowering the total cost of proprietary (TCO) through profitable investments, efficient sharing of resource and increasing the scalability of the infrastructure.

The Datanet model is:

  • Flexible - allowing for adjustment depending on pre-existing configurations, specific requirements and budgetary allocations of customers;
  • Secure – it has been tested before, then validated and optimized for the real needs of customers;
  • Performance - insures optimal efficiency from the "legacy" infrastructures through a controlled investment effort.

Why Datanet Systems?

  • Datanet Systems is one of the few experienced local system integrators with real competency in design, implementation and management of Data Center infrastructure. The proposed architecture design offers clients’ freedom of choice, being based on a broad portfolio of multi-vendor integrated solutions for processing, storage, network and virtualization. Having implemented large scale projects and accumulating know-how and certifications, Datanet Systems is a capable partner that can guarantee the best outcome of the existent resources, offering contractual indemnities and performant service support.