The adoption of the hybrid work model forces companies to look for Cloud migration solutions of unified communications systems. With over 34 million global users, Cisco is the market leader in Unified Communication as a Service with the Webex Calling solution. As an important component of the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan service package, Webex Calling is a mature solution, but which is constantly receiving new features.

Unified communications (UC) systems are migrating rapidly in the Cloud and, according to specialists, the share of on-premises UC systems will decrease from 87% to 60% in the period 2018-2023 (1). However, the limitations imposed by the pandemic and the widespread adoption of the hybrid working model have accelerated this evolution, which will reach in just three years 74% of the UC solutions purchased to be Cloud-based.(2)

In this context, Cisco is the first option – the company is the market leader in Unified Communications as a Service (UcaaS) cloud systems, with a 57% share and over 34 million users. Cisco’s popularity within the UCaaS systems area is mainly provided by Webex Calling, as part of the Webex collaborative work platform. The solution is currently available as a service only, by subscription (via Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan), and is developed for small and medium-sized companies, with up to 1,000 users. For above, Cisco recommends migrating to the Unified Communications Manager Cloud.


The unified communications solution you need

The increased attractiveness of the Webex Calling solution is given by the direct benefits it provides, such as:

  1. Easy migration process from a traditional PBX.   Change generates an inevitable new resistance movement, but Webex Calling eliminates this unwanted effect because it facilitates the same key features that a traditional PBX system provides. In fact, the Cisco solution is a PBX system in Cloud, and Webex Calling includes, from the start, all the “classic” functionalities you need: calls, forwarding, recording, DID (Direct Inward Dialing), etc. Moreover, the solution offers the possibility to use simultaneously the existing on-premises and the Cloud system (by synchronizing directories and calling plans).
  2. Extended accessibility. As a Cloud-based system, Webex Calling offers a complete range of facilities to the hybrid working model requirements. The Cisco solution allows employees to call and take calls from anywhere they work – from the office, from home, and even on the move. Webex Calling is simple to use and available on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, being specifically designed to provide an enhanced mobile experience, which significantly reduces the effort on the IT department’s support.
  3. Natively integrated security. Ensuring security for communications is a difficult task when employees work remotely due to the usage of different equipment and the fact that many of them use their personal devices for professional purposes. Webex Calling provides end-to-end Enterprise-level protection through encryption – from call-level to administrator interfaces – which saves companies expense and additional operational effort. Additionally, being a Cloud solution delivered by Cisco, it automatically benefits from updates, patches, and a high level of availability.
  4. Multiple functionalities in a single application. Webex Calling’s functionalities are not limited to the ones from traditional PBX systems, as the Cisco solution includes dedicated audio and video conferencing tools, messaging, support for “virtual receptionist” applications, and numerous collaboration tools, being a component of the Webex collaborative work by Cisco platform. In addition, Webex Calling offers over 150 integrations with other applications – and their number is rapidly growing – as well as extensive customization possibilities. *The list of third-party applications that can be integrated is available in the Webex App Hub.
  5. Improved management.The adoption of the hybrid working model is a challenge for many companies, especially in terms of management. With Webex Calling, you benefit from a high level of control – administrators having access to the single portal (Control Hub) where they can view detailed analysis and reports on level-based and solution usage, as well as on equipment (most used models, the total number of hours of use, active terminals, etc.). Control Hub also facilitates the detection and solution of problems encountered by end-users and integrates Self-Care functionalities.
  6. Diversified offer in terms of equipment*. Unlike other competitors within the UCaaS solutions market, Cisco supports its offering with an extensive range of dedicated equipment, which includes from multi-platform phones and video equipment for personal use to products in the “Room Video” range. * More details about the supported equipment here.

Datanet Systems services for Webex Calling

Last but not least, an important differentiator of the Webex Calling offer is the end-to-end support, provided both by Cisco and, locally, by Datanet Systems specialists.

The proved benefits to our customers are translate into:

  • Increased operational efficiency – the customer no longer needs the operational effort of maintaining, updating and securing the central infrastructure of the PBX system and associated communication and collaboration applications, as these activities, which require specialized staff, are being taken over by the Cloud service provider.
  • Improved level of agility and increased speed of reaction to new challenges, through the flexibility and scalability provided by the “as-a-Service” delivery model;
  • Reduced total cost of ownership, by decreasing CapEx expenses and obtaining operational savings;
  • Increased employee productivity, by covering the needs of remote work and multiple collaboration options;
  • Improved security.

Datanet is Cisco‘s main partner in Romania with numerous unified communications solution projects implemented in various industries. Based on the gained skills and experience, unique in Romania in terms of size and diversity of implemented systems, our specialists can deliver consulting services for the preparation and implementation of a Cloud migration plan, as well as implementing, developing, integrating and customizing Webex Calling solution,  and can provide complete training and maintenance services.

For more technical and commercial information about Webex Calling and the services provided by Datanet Systems, please contact us at


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