Speech&Voice Recognition technologies have reached a maturity level that can provide an increase of performance to Call Centers. Datanet Systems has implemented and developed such projects on the local market, achieving a consistent experience in these niche.

The Call Center specialists categorize Speech & Voice Recognition solutions as “a must have”, a quality confirmed by the many investigations held globally: with 44 USD millions in 2016, a 17% rise by 2020.

In general, the main arguments that confirm the increased adoption of Speech&Voice Recognition solutions are the following:

  • Enhanced Operational efficiency;
  • Cost reduction;
  • Increased satisfaction of the end user;

“The adoption of a Speech & Voice Recognition solution in a Call center ensures a decreased workload of the agents and improves the self-service area, with results on cost savings and operational efficiency increasing possibilities.  Additionally, we can see a time saving benefit for the on hold clients – a fact that generates another cost reduction – that user experience enhancement. Not to mention that, the adoption of such technology increases Call center’s level of flexibility and the reaction time to the new requests.” explains Radu Sarbu, Senior Consultant and Call Center Solutions at Datanet Systems, a company with many projects in Romanian Call Centers.



Business-like applications 

Speech&Voice recognition solutions are a response for many common requirements of the companies that activate in this area:

Simple information reply –  In many cases, customers approach a call center services for quick answers, asking for simple information from various databases. In such cases, a speech recognition solution allows the incoming calls to be solved without involving an agent. The application automatically identifies the request, by detecting the keywords and sets the answer to be delivered. “For example, if an operator of transport services, requests for information about flight departure / arrival times it can be filtered by destination, the answer being provided automatically. The result – increased response speed and a reduced workload level of the agents” explains Datanet specialists.

Fast forwarding Calls – The holding call time spent by a client before he’s answered is directly influencing his level of satisfaction. When he’s being served by an agent that cannot solve his request, the situation is dramatically affected. In these cases, the Speech Recognition solutions are very efficient: the person who calls can be directly redirected to the self-service department or it can be asked to say what his request is. By identifying the intention of the caller, the call is forwarded in a matter of seconds to the agent/department who can give the answer to his questions.

Automatic Caller ID – The Voice Recognition systems is registering an accelerated adoption in the area of the institutions that operate under protection data. “The voice recognition solutions establish the caller identity by using <<voice biometrics>> technologies. The usual method is represented by initiation of a password that was previously registered by the client, who has to say it when initializing any authentication. The Voice Recognition project implemented by Datanet in the financial area has proved that using such solution reduces drastically the necessary time needed for the client’s identification, who is no longer forced to follow the classic authentication pattern: name confirmation, address, contact person, password, etc.” explains Radu Sarbu.

IVR MENUs Flexibility – Elaborated IVR menus, which require multiple selections are not preferred by customers, but tolerated. Speech Recognition applications can effectively replace these unpopular systems. “A classic IVR system is static, the pace of menus “refreshing”, of options and messages is slow. Speech Recognition solutions integrated with Text-to-Speech applications increase the speed of response and reaction to new problems. Once a new type of request has been identified, it can be quickly created response scenarios, the caller receiving the information without having to select other options. For example, a utilities service provider that has a delivery problem can create a response within a few minutes with Text-to-Speech solution to provide information about the cause of the interruption, the affected area and rectification schedule. By using the Speech Recognition solution, it can be identified the type of problem raised by the appellant, the answer being automatically delivered“, detailed Radu Sarbu.


The advantages of working with a system integrator

By integrating applications and databases within companies’ infrastructure, Speech & Voice Recognition solutions can help create new services with added value, developed on the specific needs of each organization. For example, in a bank, Text-to-Speech solutions allow the development of “Collecting” services, to remind customers’ payment terms. In a clinic, the speech recognition solutions can be used to schedule telephone consultations, the Text-to-Speech applications are used to create a confirmation / reminder service, while the Voice Recognition is used to deliver confidential data (such as laboratory test results). These services improve the end customer experience, but can also be used to increase sales, improve service activity etc.

The fructification of these opportunities implies a collaboration with an experienced system integrator, like Datanet Systems, who has the advantage of a solid expertize in this field and partnerships with the main Call Center solution suppliers. “We have made many implementations in Call Centers and we are very aware of the specific challenges in the field. The knowledge and the expertise we achieved allow us to dynamically adapt – we design the solution according to client’s requirements and adjust it depending on the specific of each case. We develop for our clients a complete package solutions that ensures the operational independency and flexibility that they need.” says Datanet specialist. To materialize these projects, Datanet uses Nuance Recognizer solutions, one of the main Speech&Voice Recognition leaders on the market.

The applications portfolio consists of Nuance Recognizer solutions, Vocal Password & Vocalizer (Nuance Text-to-Speech solution) that stands out by high flexibility and accuracy in voice message recognition, “the understanding” of Romanian language being very accurate. The Nuance solutions can be integrated easily and centrally managed, reducing the management and operational efforts.

With a vast experience in infrastructure and unified communication systems, also covering this niche, Datanet Systems ensures Call Centers with an increased operational efficiency and cost savings with the help of these applications. For more information, please browse our site, www.datanets.ro


Gabriel Mușat
Deputy Executive Director