Oct. 2016

Datanet Systems, the main local Cisco Systems technological partner, has sustained during Cisco Connect 2016 event, a series of presentations and demos based on three key developmental domains in Romania: advanced security solutions, Internet of Things applications and automation systems dedicated to data centers.

“Lately, in Romania, the necessity of new technology for data centers is more demanding than ever, companies getting more and more interested in solutions that can ensure datacenters with increased levels of availability and operational efficiency. There are such critical requirements like increasing the level of security, a concern that is more and more present in many industries. Another area of local interest, is the Internet of Things solutions domain, which is becoming more appealing once the prices of the terminals’ acquisition are dropping and the applicability area is extending. “explained Dragos Stroescu, Executive Director at Datanet Systems.

Cristian Matei, Cybersecurity Presales Consultant at Datanet Systems (CCIE #23684) has approached the complexed architecture security issue, from the perspective of a complete protection:” The vendor that offers the most complete security solution is not necessarily the one that scores the best in threat tests. And this, for a good reason: those tests use known threats. How can you make an equipment’s benchmark against an unknown attack? This is why we have to see this problem from another perspective and see the network as a whole system of interconnected applications and equipment that communicates between them and has to be secured on different levels with specific applications.” The Datanet expert has presented from this perspective the advantages of Cisco security architecture with Cisco ISE as its core and integrates Cisco AMP, Cisco Lancope an Cisco pxGrid applications in one single system, capable to monitor, block and eliminate the files with a malicious behavior, limiting the security incidents effects.

The practical applications of the IoT solution developed by Datanet Systems, based on Low Power Wide Area technology, have been presented by Gabriel Musat, Technical & Marketing Director:” At present, we deliver IoT turn-key systems, that integrate both hardware and software components, respectively terminals manufactured in house and radio gateways, together with a dedicated software and a complete portfolio of design, implementation and maintenance services. The applications we are currently covering are the following: data collections from an industrial environment, diagnosis and control of remote monitoring of parking lots, remote reading of electricity meters, water and gas and infrastructure monitoring. Next year, our objective is to produce an enhanced LPWA at the price of 50 Eur. We estimate that in 2017, the LPWA technology will become rentable for many applications, this thing, putting pressure on many companies.” Datanet Systems has the advantage of a vast experience in managing critical infrastructure projects (in the telecom area, financial-banking industry, and in the air traffic control) and having produced its own LPWA equipment and software application, facilitating the rapid customization of a final solution, fit to meet client’s requirements and necessities, at same time, being cost effective.

Mihai Gagea, Presales Consultant at Datanet Systems, presented the competitive advantages of Cisco UCS Director Solution for data centers administration, by giving practical examples of how the application is simplifying the management operations and making them efficient:” Currently, many data centers are using a heterogeneous mix of management solutions that are not uniformly integrated. This is generating inconsistency in the data and management reports, requiring considerable effort and numerous manual processes for synchronizing operations, which inevitably increases the risk of errors. Moreover, the fragmented approach makes operations management process analysis become very complex and increases the difficulty of detection and elimination of malfunctions in a timely manner. The Cisco UCS Manager provides the home advantage of extensive compatibility that ensures an integrated perspective on the entire infrastructure of the data center, offering granularity at the application and equipment level. ”

With the occasion of the 2016 Cisco Connect, the attendees that visited Datanet Systems’ stall, were presented a series of practical demonstrations by the company’s specialists. The visitors assisted company’s sole IoT demo solution, used for remote data collection from power meters, and scenarios of using Cisco and Nuance unified communications solutions and applications of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking technology MANET



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