Chatbot and voicebot systems have reached a higher level of performance and are used in a wide variety of industries. Datanet Systems has created an intelligent voice assistant that integrates these technologies and automates employee interaction with the Human Resources department. The application is flexible and can be customized for many usage scenarios, from reservations in medical clinics and travel agencies, to querying your bank balance.


Asistent vocal bazat pe tehnologie chatbot şi voicebot


The market for smart virtual assistants registers an annual growth of 37.7%, according to analysts from Allied Market Research and Market Research, the business environment being more and more interested in chatbots and voicebot solutions. It is an evolution amplified by the adoption of working from home and the rules of social distancing. They force companies to look for solutions to increase operational efficiency and the quality of services delivered. Chatbot and voicebot solutions are the optimal response to these conditions, ensuring:

  • Extended availability: a voice assistant or chatbot can be accessed 24/7/365, from anywhere.
  • Increased efficiency: errors decrease substantially, and the number of operations performed simultaneously is, in theory, unlimited.
  • Savings: The load level per employee can be reduced by up to 70%, according to Gartner.

How to use a voice assistant


Datanet has turned all these benefits into actual gains, developing and implementing an in-house chatbot/voicebot system. The application developed by Datanet is designed to take over, complete and send the leave requests of the company’s employees. For this, employees access a chatbot, by logging in to the company’s intranet, or a voicebot, by calling a dedicated number. In this case, the solution authenticates the caller by generating a temporary password, sent via SMS, which can be entered using the keyboard or voice. (The solution also enables voice authentication through Voice biometrics technologies.)

After identifying the caller and the request, the application generates a flow of questions to obtain the necessary information (number of days off, the person who will take over the tasks of the applicant, etc.). The solution uses various conversation scenarios and recognizes several types of wording. After completing this process, the information is validated, and the request is generated and sent automatically to the Human Resources department. In case of invalidation, the applicant can resume the process.


Other usage scenarios for a voice assistant 


This is just a first phase of application development, which will soon cover more features in the area of HR. It will also be used to improve the access of company employees to internal information (contract data, availability of colleagues, etc.).

“However, the usage scenarios are unlimited. The solution is specially designed to be easily replicated and adapted to any requirements. For example, it can be used in the HoReCa industry to make reservations and deliver information, but also by travel agencies or medical clinics. There is extended applicability in the financial-banking area as well. Here it can provide both public information and personal data (such as account statement, payment terms, etc.) obviously, with a secure authentication process. It can also perform simple operations. And in the customer support area, the solution has multiple applications and can, for example, replace IVR systems “, explains Radu Sârbu, Senior Consultant at Datanet Systems.


Technologies used


The Datanet solution uses Rasa Open Source technology, which allows the creation of chatbot applications using artificial intelligence components. With their help, the number of messages “understood” by the solution increases constantly. In addition, several conversation scenarios can be developed integrated into the client’s business logic. For the voice assistant application, Datanet uses Nuance Voice Recognition and Speech-to-text technologies. Nuance is a leader in the field of natural language understanding solutions.

To simplify operating the solution, Datanet has also developed an application that provides centralized management of the sets of formulas used for “learning”, as well as the unitary treatment of interactions on both channels. Thus, each company can increase the level of intelligence of the application without resorting to our specialists. They intervene in the moment of creating workflows and integration with back-office applications and in the processes of personalization and optimization of the application. We are one of the leading local system integrators, with certified multi-vendor skills and projects implemented in several verticals. This allows us to quickly understand the requirements of companies and translate them into technical solutions tailored to real needs.

Chatbot/voice assistant systems have already entered the stage of widespread adoption, and the benefits are easy to identify and measure. We can help you with additional information about these solutions or even a demo. If you want to see how it really works contact us.