Security Operations Center services with Datanet Systems and Soitron

To ensure the protection of digital assets in the field of cybersecurity, it is essential to maintain 24/7 availability and a minute-to-minute response speed. However, providing such a high level of performance can be challenging for an internal team. That’s why Datanet Systems offers VOID SOC (Security Operations Center) services on the local market,which are delivered by Soitron group, of which Datanet Systems is a part.

Soitron’s VOID Cyber Security Centre has a high level of technical expertise, as well as the scalability required to manage the entire spectrum of cyber threats and attacks. Soitron’s VOID SOC customers include organisations around the world from the energy, finance, IT, healthcare, aeronautics, local public administration, and government sectors.


Security Operations Center, essential for the protection of critical environments


The services provided by a Security Operations Centre (SOC) represent the future of IT security for the enterprise environment, as it ensure real protection against cyber-attacks. Every year, the number of security incidents increases and the attack surface expands with the number of applications, people working from home, and internet-connected devices. As traditional security approaches fail to deliver the expected results and internal teams are overworked, SOC services become a necessity. It provide superior protection through access to sophisticated technologies, continuous monitoring, and scalable resources for advanced support and investigations.

Unfortunately, security is still underestimated and neglected, as hackers take advantage of the situation.

Martin Lohnert, Director of the Void SOC Cyber Security Center and IT expert at Soitron, states that “in a normal week, within an infrastructure of a single customer, we detect approximately 80,000 suspicious cyber events. This means an average of more than 11,000 per day, which is virtually impossible to investigate manually by an internal client team.


The situation is similar also in Romania, according to the representatives of the National Cyber Security Directorate, as around 20,000 – 30,000 cyber-attacks are detected daily, with an average cost of a completed attack reaching to about 750,000 RON. Most of these attacks target over 900 essential services operators, some of which do not have a high-performance security infrastructure.

Maintaining continuous security perimeter monitoring and responding rapidly to breaches require advanced technologies and a dedicated team of experts with highly specialised roles. However, due to the costs and challenges in recruitment, many companies do not have such specialists or even an entire team. As a result, it becomes essential for organisations to contract Security Operations Center services to ensure the protection of critical environments.


Benefits of VOID SOC’s usage


A Security Operations Center works 24/7, constantly monitoring the digital environment of an organization on all levels – users, cloud, network, endpoints, etc. All with state-of-the-art technologies, correlated with the global novelties within the cyber security field.

”Such a level of performance is difficult to support by a non-IT company with its own resources, and therefore it is cheaper to be contracted as a service. Thanks to our highly specialized teams and automation solutions, we have a high capacity to investigate any suspicion, in a very short time,” says also Martin Lohnert. 

VOID SOC offers the following service::

  • 24/7 monitoring of infrastructure, not only during business hours but also at times when malicious activities are more frequent, such as at night, on weekends, and holidays;
  • Continuous proactive evaluation of any suspicious activities regardless of the source to detect potential threats as early as possible;
  • Maintaining confidentiality by analyzing only technical aspects such as logs and traffic values, and not data and its associated content;
  • Reducing IT budget pressures by subscribing to a service rather than investing in technology;
  • Limiting damage by identifying and blocking breaches before they can spread through the network;
  • Providing regular reports and alerts on incident activity and severity to focus attention on critical aspects;
  • Real-time or as quickly as possible reaction depending on preferences, internal procedures, or regulations, all based on a firm SLA.


VOID SOC offers protection at various levels, ranging from safeguarding against operational disruption caused by cyber-attacks, to preventing damage to a company’s reputation, theft of intellectual property, and penalties for non-compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements such as GDPR and NIS. Additionally, VOID SOC enables internal IT teams to concentrate on priorities and align with business objectives without worrying about operational aspects.


VOID SOC through Datanet Systems


In the current context, affected by the accelerated growth of incidents and the existence of increasing regulations, the continuous monitoring of IT systems and the possibility of escalating any incident to a team of experts has become an absolute necessity.

„Organizations that do not have access to SOC services are exposing themselves to increasing risks. On the other hand, the development of such a center is an equally complex and expensive project. This is why contracting a VOID SOC service package through Datanet Systems can quickly solve this dilemma, regardless of whether we are talking about replacing or supplementing some on-premises resources” mentions Cristian Ceapă, Sales Director at Datanet Systems. 

VOID SOC is a cyber security service provided by the Soitron Group, which includes Datanet Systems. The group fosters a continuous exchange of knowledge and best practices, as well as collaboration on joint projects and resource sharing.

In Romania, customers can contract VOID SOC services through Datanet Systems. The company’s experts offer the required analysis to select the appropriate service package. To discuss Security Operations Center services in detail, please contact us at