Falcon Insight is an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) application that responds effectively to new types of attacks and cyber threats in the enterprise environment. It continuously monitors and captures endpoint activity so that security teams have visibility into vulnerabilities. At the same time, it reduces the operational effort associated with managing security alerts, and investigating and responding to attacks. As terminal equipment used by employees has become the hackers’ favorite targets, Datanet Systems recommends using the CrowdStrike Falcon Insight solution for any organization that has adopted hybrid work.

The generalization of the hybrid work is forcing more and more companies to acknowledge that traditional solutions for terminal equipment protection are no longer effective in the face of new cyber security challenges.

Last year, more than two-thirds of companies (69%) reported a major security incident as a result of adopting remote work (1). The causes that led to this critical situation are clear:

  • the growing volume of cyber-attacks and threats, and the increase in their level of sophistication
  • the terminal equipment, as the preferred target – 84% of security experts believe those have become the preferred target of hackers (2)
  • the limitations of traditional protection solutions, which cannot effectively detect and manage new types of risks – last year the average duration of detecting a threat increased to 146 hours, by almost 30 hours more than in 2021.

As a result, almost three-quarters of companies (72%) said they intend to replace terminal equipment protection solutions by next year (3).

Having this in mind, the Datanet Systems specialists recommend the use of the Falcon Insight EDR solution, as part of the integrated CrowdStrike Falcon security platform.


How Falcon Insight protects users


To ensure the necessary level of security in the enterprise environment, CrowdStrike continuously monitors the activity of terminal equipment, and analyzes the data in real-time, automating the processes of threat identification, prevention, and blocking.

Falcon Insight records virtually any suspicious activity detected at the terminals and automatically reports incidents that attempt to escalate existing security measures. To do this, the solution tracks and analyzes a wide range of Attack Indicators (IoA) and ensures real-time visibility into equipment’s activity – from a security point of view – thus eliminating the risk of threats going unnoticed, such as the “Silent failure” phenomenon.

The solution’s cloud architecture enables IT teams to investigate not only current data, but also quickly access telemetry data collected over 90 days, from all terminals enrolled in the application. Additionally, proactive analysis features ensure the automatic detection of suspicious behavior, which is difficult to identify through other methods.

In addition to the advanced attack detection capabilities, Falcon Insight integrates Threat Hunting features. Through them, companies can access the services delivered by CrowdStrike’s teams of specialists, which provide an additional level of protection 24/7 by proactively seeking and investigating threats, based on the results obtained by companies receiving recommendations for personalized remedial and preventive measures. These services are primarily aimed at companies that do not have specialized cybersecurity resources and can be accessed via Falcon OverWatch.

Falcon Insight also integrates advanced incident response capabilities, through specific measures to reduce exposed areas, block threats, and remedy risks. To do this, Falcon Insight comes with an extensive set of predefined operations that can be performed on exposed terminals, such as: automatically stopping suspicious processes, deleting malicious files, cleaning Windows registry, limiting network traffic, etc.

Find out more about Falcon Insight’s features by viewing the Datanet Systems’ webinar Advanced protection for endpoints with CrowdStrike Falcon


Main benefits of using Falcon Insight


CrowdStrike’s EDR solution delivers the following benefits to companies:

  • Automatically detects and prioritizes threats.
  • Provides an overview of the cybersecurity status, by calculating the risk score, both at the terminal level – through Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA),  IT administrators can quickly identify which updates and patches need to be applied – and at the level of the whole organization (with CrowdScore functionality), simplifying the assessment process of the threats’ severity and coordinating response measures.
  • Shortens the time to investigate security events by providing real-time data and contextual information. Using built-in AI capabilities, the app identifies changes in threat behavior and automatically enters them into the Threat Graph database so that all CrowdStrike customers are prevented.
  • Decreases the volume of false positives by up to 90%.
  • Detects complex attacks, reduces alert processing time by automatically prioritizing them, and speeds up remedial action. To do this, the solution uses the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) detection framework and Incident Workbench functionality, which provides full visibility into attacks.
  • Provides real-time fix and response solutions. Falcon Real-Time Response features provide direct access to the terminals under investigation, allowing administrators to act accurately to eliminate threats.


High performance with minimal effort


Falcon Insight has over 13,000 worldwide customers and is one of the most award-winning EDT solutions today. The solution has been the “Best Endpoint Detection and Response Solution” in SE Labs evaluations for two consecutive years, consistently scoring well in AV-Comparatives tests, and is the market leader in EDR applications according to the Gartner, IDC, and Forester rankings.

Among the strengths that contribute to CrowdStrike’s popularity is, in addition to the superior level of performance, the simplicity of use. The extended range of Attack Indicators that comes with the solution ensures the automatic detection of security incidents and reduces the search and investigation effort of IT teams, and predefined remedial measures can be applied automatically, thus increasing the speed of responding to threats.

Additionally, the solution’s cloud architecture diminishes the implementation effort, Falcon Insight being able to be operational without the need for complex installations and configurations. In turn, the agent application used is small in size (approximately 50 MB) and does not cause performance issues with the terminal equipment (the average volume of data transmitted in 24 hours is 1 MB). Last but not least, all the information sent is protected by encryption, and the solution complies with the GDPR requirements regarding the confidentiality and protection of data, as well as the retention of login data.

For more technical information about CrowdStrike Falcon Insight, commercial offers, and the services provided by Datanet Systems specialists, please contact us at sales@datanets.ro.


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