Datanet Webinar: Automated network management with Infosim StableNet solution

The acceleration of the digital transformation process in recent years has made network infrastructure a critical resource in ensuring the continuity and performance of business processes. Due to the high degree of infrastructure heterogeneity and the growing number of mobile employees, applications, and cloud services, data networks have become increasingly difficult to manage through traditional methods.

Because of these, most organizations are currently facing network management issues generated by:

  • human errors and configuration issues – 80%;
  • security issues – 57%;
  • increased level of complexity – 44% (1).

To identify the best approaches to overcoming these challenges, Datanet Systems recently organized the „Automated Network Management with the Infosim StableNet ® solution“ webinar. During the online event, Infosim specialists detailed practical approaches in which the StableNet solution simplifies and streamlines network management processes.



The competitive advantages of the Infosim StableNet ® solution


One of the main reasons why StableNet has been the market leader in Network Management solutions (2) for four consecutive years is its ability to integrate multiple management tools into a single platform. The Infosim solution has a scalable, modular, an 4-in-1 architecture that covers the needs of:

  • network inventory and monitoring,
  • configuration management,
  • identifying errors and analyzing the causes that generate them,
  • performance monitoring and analysis.

With StableNet’s all-in-one approach, we strongly address the consolidation of the monitoring and management system, as well as the automation of the process, which increases the operational efficiency of network administrators and enables companies to achieve significant CapEx savings“, mentioned Mirko Vyskocil, Regional Sales Manager at Infosim

Another advantage of the StableNet solution is its ability to monitor any type of equipment, regardless of manufacturer, interfaces, or standards used, in addition to its simplicity in use, as well as advanced capabilities in the area of Root Cause Analysis (RCA). The solution can automatically check the configurations of the network equipment, identify the changes that have occurred and restore – on request – the old settings.

At the same time, StableNet continuously monitors and analyzes performance indicators, allowing remote troubleshooting of connectivity issues.

A specific element of the solution recommended by Datanet is the StableNet Embedded Agent (SNEA) equipment, which comes pre-configured, is easy to install, and can be controlled and managed remotely to collect real-time data on network performance.


Practical applications and working scenarios


In the second part of the webinar, Vlad Singeorzan, Senior Consultant at Infosim, made a live presentation of the solution, during which he detailed how multivendor network architecture can be monitored and managed in real-time.

The Infosim’ specialist presented the tools for inventorying network components, how to filter and group them according to various parameters, functionalities in the Fault Management area, data visualization options and performance analysis of equipment and device groups, and how to set-up and restore configuration backups, etc.

The live presentation of the solution was accompanied by a series of use cases, which showed how the Infosim StableNet solution can manage a Cisco ACI infrastructure, monitor the performance of the Microsoft 365 suite of services delivered from the Azure Cloud, monitor an SD-WAN architecture, and monitor Wi-Fi networks.

The demonstration of the Infosim StableNet solution and its use cases presented during the webinar can be viewed below.

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Additionally, for more details about the use cases and information about the latest version of StableNet, you can read the following materials, drafted by Datanet specialists:



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