May 2017

Datanet Systems has recently organized a workshop dedicated to the latest Cisco collaboration applications. Additionally, Datanet specialists have presented how they can be combined with the unified communication solutions within the company’s portfolio.


Extended flexibility with Cisco Spark 

The benefits of Cisco Spark Cloud collaboration have been presented by Gabriel Coman, Senior Consultant at Datanet Systems, during an interactive session that has included more live demos. The presentation focused on the main functionalities areas of the platform: message, audio-video communication and virtual collaborative work spaces. “The main assets that Cisco Spark comes with, for the collaborative working area are: easy usage, simplified configuration and administration, the extended possibilities to integrate with other applications and services. Because all necessary functionalities for the team work are natively integrated and the application can be accessed from any device, the experience of the end user is highly improved and it can be observed an increase in team work. “explained Datanet specialist.

Another advantage of the Cisco Spark platform is that the online actions’ history between the participants in a collaborative work session and all the documents they shared (even the ones generated before and post a meeting) are centralized stored in a secure Cloud area. To optimize this feature, Spark integrates and advanced search functionalities, authentication and fast access of the relevant information ensuring a boost of productivity for the end users.

Gabriel Coman has explained the way it can be shared files with the help of Cisco Spark and how they can also be edited in real time by more participants in a virtual work space. Another demo presented during the first session was about the way it can be integrated different applications and services within the platform, the possibilities in these area being, practically, unlimited. Datanet specialist has presented live the advantages of using Spark Board interactive display, the hardware component of the platform being specially designed to maximum simplify its usage.


Capitalizing investments with Cisco Meeting Server

The second collaborative work solution analyzed during the Datanet workshop was Cisco Meeting Server, dedicated for the companies that want to keep their own infrastructure on site. “Cisco strategy for the work collaborative area is to offer companies a large range of options. This is why Cisco offers both Cloud Spark platform and the on premises solution, Cisco Meeting Server, which allows organizations to capitalize the investments already made at a superior level, for the audio-video communication and web conference areas. Cisco Meeting Server integrates all these components in a one, single solution, easier to manage, that ensures users with a unitary experience, despite their terminals.” explained Petre Popescu, Datanet Systems Presales Manager.

The main competitive advantages of Cisco Meeting Server are extended interoperability – Cisco puts a continuum effort to ensure compatibility with different standards-, increased scalability and flexibility for future developments, and also advanced algorithms of resources’ allocation and optimizing of the band width. The advantages on interoperability has been explained by Datanet specialist by integrating Cisco Meeting Server with Skype for Business solutions and Microsoft Office 365  but also with other audio-video and web communication solutions on the market.

The Cisco solution is optimized to run on CMS 100 equipment (up to 96 simultaneous video calls and / or 3000 audio calls) and CMS 2000 (up to 500 simultaneous HD video calls). The licensing system is flexible and includes three variants, ranging from the Multiparty Plus licensing model to the Multiparty ELA.

In addition to Cisco solutions, Datanet Systems specialists have introduced a number of IP Phones Services, NetFAX, Call Recording, Billing and Unified Communications Analytics applications to partners such as 2Ring, ZOOM and Mind, already implemented by the company for its clients.

Datanet has the capacity to supply solutions that solve efficiently specific problems to organizations with many mobile employees and of the companies that need to increase the team work efficiency and interaction capitalization with partners and clients.

“We have been Cisco’s main partner in Romania for many years and have extensive projects and expertise in the area of unified communications systems, video-conference and collaboration solutions. The acquired experience and the complementary hardware and software portfolio enable us to deliver complete solutions and to ensure our customers have the opportunity to depreciate the investments already made” stated Gabriel Musat, Deputy Executive Director.

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