apr. 2019

Datanet Systems was an official partner of the 2019 edition of the Informatics Olympiad, the oldest and most prestigious programming competition in Romania. The Informatics Olympiad (ONI) is a competition of algorithms and programming, individual, that takes place in several stages, according to the regulation established by the Ministry of Education. At the national stage that took place in Bucharest,  291 students participated, and Datanet System supported the small programmers as Gold partner of the event. The Olympiad encourages creativity, innovation and allows students to test their acquired algorithmic and programming skills and ability to work under time pressure. The competition is held in two days and consists of two practical tests, lasting 2-4 hours. A contest task consists of solving 1-4 algorithmic problems with the computer, which involves writing a correct and efficiently computationally efficient program. The national stage took place between April 22-27 and included several stages: technical sessions for the training of the participants, the actual competition, eliminatory tests, awards ceremony etc.

Of the best participants, 20 members are chosen to be part of the national lot for Informatics of Romania. If you are insterested to see the results of the national stage of the competition CLICK HERE.

At the opening ceremony of the National Informatics Olympiad for Gymnasium was present, from Datanet Systems, Cristian Ruță, Deputy Technical Director, who encouraged the young participants with tips for both this moment and for their future career in IT.

“I want you to be very proud that you have succeeded to get here. You are part of an industry, a field with a great future and you will be able to change the world. I would like to give you three tips to help you on your journey to success:
First is to trust yourself and trust the future. You may not know what the future looks like, because no one knows, but in 2029 you will look back and you will know how important your participation from a Thursday, in 2019, at the National Informatics Olympiad was. The second tip is to be very serious when learning. Because this will help you build the knowledge  you will use to change the world. The third advice would be to not be afraid of failure, not to be afraid of effort, because the effort will make you better and help you reach the reward, the success that will surely come after hard work.”

In recent years, Romania has won, both teams and individually, numerous awards at the International Informatics Olympiad. Participants in these competitions become students at the most prestigious technical universities worldwide.