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Datanet Systems is the first Cisco Partner to obtain the right to provide Lifecycle Services (PLS) in Romania

Datanet Systems is the first Cisco partner in Romania to obtain the right to offer its customer base services in the “Partner Lifecycle Services – Support” category (PLS-Support). This accreditation is the result of a long-standing collaboration, achieving Gold Partner status for over 20 years, and the ongoing specialization of the Datanet Systems team in various Cisco technologies.

Cisco’s customer support services undergo a complex reorganization process to provide the highest level of satisfaction. Cisco Partner Lifecycle Services is a new collaboration framework that allows eligible partners to offer technical support services under their own brand while maintaining a quality level agreed upon by Cisco.

Cisco partners worldwide need to align with the new requirements; otherwise, they will no longer be able to provide support services but will only be able to resell services directly provided by Cisco. In this context, Datanet Systems has become the first accredited partner in Romania designated to provide Cisco Partner Lifecycle Services (PLS – support), meaning that Datanet meets all eligibility criteria and has the ability to provide the same level of support as Cisco.

PLS-Support is the first service offering within the new program, which Cisco will expand in the coming period.



What does Cisco Partner Lifecycle Services mean?


Cisco Partner Lifecycle Services’ accreditation involved an audit process of the support services provided by Datanet Systems, the existence of operational procedures for handling cases in accordance with Cisco’s requirements, ensuring response times, as well as the integration of Datanet’s ticketing system with Cisco’s international TAC ticketing system.

With this accreditation, Datanet Systems acts as an extension of Cisco in relationship with customers, providing multiple benefits, including:

  • Local support team, fluent in Romanian;
  • Engineers with diverse and complex professional certifications;
  • On-site availability for interaction, not just remote;
  • Similar procedures as Cisco;
  • Short response time, up to 30 minutes for documented responses;
  • 25 years of experience working with Cisco technologies;
  • Single point of contact for multiple products/solutions/technologies;
  • Multi-vendor experience and capabilities for integrating multiple technologies.


To be eligible for the Partner Lifecycle Services program, partners must meet several criteria, some common to Cisco Gold Integrator and Cisco Gold Provider certifications.

These include:

  • Multiple specializations, including Cisco Customer;
  • Experience Specialization;
  • Minimum of 12 Cisco certifications, including at least 4 CCIE;
  • Operating a Network Operations Center (NOC);
  • Ability to provide 24/7/365 support;
  • Level 1/2 support with escalation options;
  • Extended geographic coverage through SLAs;
  • Procedural approach to customer interactions.

Datanet Systems meets all these criteria, and the technical and logistical capabilities were audited by an independent body to ensure impartiality and transparency in the accreditation process.



“Datanet’s support services are backed by a large team of technical experts who can ensure restoration service level agreements starting from 2 hours. The successful completion of the audit allows us to be the first partner in Romania to offer customers Cisco’s new premium support services. At the same time, it validates once again the quality of our services and the seriousness with which the Datanet team approaches them. Through this initiative, we support our commitment to providing excellence to our customers in everything we do.” Anca Chirculete, Deputy Executive Director. Datanet Systems.


Benefits for Datanet Systems’ customers


For Datanet Systems’ customers, the Cisco Partner Lifecycle Services (PLS) accreditation means that the engineers providing support are prepared to overcome any hardware or software issues and are likely the best in the local market. Furthermore, they have the skills to manage projects that integrate heterogeneous technologies from multiple suppliers.
Due to the holistic approach, the services in the PLS-Support category are ideal for companies with complex IT environments and integrating solutions from multiple providers.

The increasing complexity, lack of qualified human resources, and pressure on technology to achieve business objectives are driving more and more companies to seek partners who understand the specific nature of their activities and can provide premium support for multi-vendor solutions. For such companies, Datanet Systems becomes a single point of contact in projects that integrate multi-vendor solutions and has the ability to directly manage all support-related aspects, regardless of the vendor, if the beneficiary holds active maintenance contracts with them. This approach simplifies relationships with technology providers and achieves higher operational efficiency for clients.

Contracting a premium level of support from a certified and accredited provider brings benefits across multiple aspects:

  • Improved performance of the IT infrastructure;
  • Minimized downtime/reduced risk of outage;
    Rapid resolution of any functionality issues;
  • Quick access to specialized technical expertise;
  • Up-to-date security updates and patches;
  • Enhanced customization and integration capabilities for owned solutions;
  • Strategic IT planning.

The PLS-Support services offered by Datanet Systems are essential to ensure Cisco products’ functionality, security, performance, and more. These services provide specialized assistance, reduce downtime, protect against cyber threats, and enable customization and integration of solutions.

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