The market of the Software Defined Networks (SDN) solutions will undergo an accelerated growth in coming years, according to a recent survey published by the IHS analysis office. According to the above-mentioned source, telecom operators and their networks will be the main growth engine of this market, IHS estimated that the investments in SDN technologies and services will amount to 5.7 billion dollars in 2019 (compared to 102 million USD recorded in 2014).

The IHS survey says that the main arguments of the SDN solutions, from the perspective of the telecom and network operators, are:

  • increasing the reliability and scalability of the infrastructure;
  • removing the limitations imposed by proprietary technologies;
  • decreasing the infrastructure restructuring costs;
  • reducing configuration and maintenance efforts and eliminate errors.

(According to a recent Avaya survey, 80% of the organizations are constantly faced with incidents and unplanned downtime due to network equipment configuration errors.)

IHS predicts that the pace of adoption of the SDN technologies will accelerate visibly from next year, arguing that many companies have already exceeded the analysis phase and will move to the implementation and development phase. In this context, the analysis office nominates together with the operators, the service providers, estimating that they will increase their investments in SDN solutions 15 times, between 2015 and 2019.

The SDN market uptrend is also confirmed by other recent surveys, such as that conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), according to which the global SDN market will have an increase of 89.4% this year, the total value in 2018 being estimated at more than 8 billion USD. (IDC takes into account the entire mass of consumers of SDN technologies.)


Appeal to expertise

IHS is nominating as a market growth vector the need of companies that have decided to invest in SDN solutions to outsource outsourcing providers, a niche market that will see an average annual growth of 199%. According to analysts, this is due both to the new SDN technology itself and also to the changes it brings to the level of network operation, elements that will make organizations search for suppliers with competence and experience in design and network architectures and also in the development and operation of SDN-based services.

Locally, Datanet Systems is the first company in Romania to invest in the training and certification of its specialists and in the creation and development of a Cisco SDN lab. This enables simulation and testing of the capabilities of these technologies on real architectures, based on specifications and configurations provided by interested organizations. At the same time, Datanet offers consulting services and workshops and demo sessions, presenting the answers SDN offers to potential customers.


Cisco ACI

The SDN solution offered by Datanet Systems is Cisco Aplication Centric Infrastructure (ACI), which greatly simplifies the management of heterogeneous infrastructures by providing extensive compatibility and providing customers with freedom and flexibility, without limiting them to a limited number of solution and equipment vendors. The SDN solution offered by Cisco provides total visibility over the network, an advantage that translates in the early detection of potential problems and the reduction of the number of errors, and enables the centralization and automation of all provisioning and configuration processes – both at the level of applications, and at the level of the network equipment – simplifying the management of how applications communicate with each other, in accordance with the policies and requirements of the organizations. ACI Cisco provides customers with a technological platform able of ensuring a smooth transition from physical infrastructures to complex virtualization projects and to Cloud-type architectures, maintaining the compatibility with existing infrastructures and protecting the investments made in them.


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