Apr. 2016

In 18 years of  Cisco partnership, Datanet Systems has won multiple awards at national and regional level. This year, in March, during the annual meeting of partners worldwide Cisco Systems, Datanet has added also the title of “Cisco Enterprise Partner of the Year 2015 ‘for the region EMEAR.  A distinction that Dragos Stroescu, Executive Director of Datanet Systems, considered one of the most relevant achievements  for the 20 years of activity of the company.

— Over the years, Datanet won several important awards for the commitment shown to Cisco partnership.  Do you expect , however, an award of this caliber?

— Even if Cisco distinctions are no longer a novelty for Datanet, this important award was a surprise to us. Especially because we “competed” with companies operating in large markets such as Poland, Austria or Germany. It is not just the size of businesses run by partners Cisco in EMEAR region, but that they act in, by far, more mature markets, from a technological perspective, where large projects bring naturally a higher level of complexity. In this context, the fact that Datanet becomes”Enterprise Partner of the Year 2015″ is a remarkable achievement, of which we are very proud.

— From 2009 Datanet Systems is a part of Soitron international group. Has Cisco award the prize for regional achievements of the company?

— Although the distinction was awarded for the entire EMEA region, we received the Cisco prize strictly for projects implemented by Datanet in Romania.

We are talking about a fully recognition of local activity from 2015, a year in which we had outstanding projects in terms of technology and complexity and also with nationwide footprint. There are projects where we had a solid partnership with Cisco Romania, and we manage to overcome all challenges, both technological and operational. The flexibility and speed of Cisco response to our requests are remarkable taking into consideration that Cisco is a multinational company that runs a business over several continents, with strict rules and procedures.

— Although it is awarded for achievements recorded in 2015, is the Cisco award recognizing actually the entire Datanet activity from the past 18 years?

You know, in Formula 1, somebody cannot win Grand Prize unless he has a back sustained efforts, consistently good results and, more important,  a solid and competitive team for support. Since 1998, when Datanet was the first Cisco Premier Partner in Romania, we have constantly invested in developing skills and expertise and  expand our technology coverage. Currently, we have the largest and best certified team of Cisco engineers from Romania, with extensive experience, and Datanet is one of the main resources for Soitron group, in any Cisco related fields.

— What is the next step? 

— We intend to capitalize on the level of excellence recognized by Cisco but also to extend and improve it. We have already adopted some measures in order to strengthen and enlarge our services portfolio.  Also, we consider creating new teams to provide — locally, regionally and even globally — a wide range of advanced high quality outsourcing services. In this approach we are receiving a consistent help from Soitron, who has extensive experience in this type of business.


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