Cybersecurity of remote work systems

Remote work (work from home) creates significant security risks for both employees and companies. To facilitate treating these risks, Datanet has created an integrated remote collaboration solutions package that comprises a suite of premium security products from the Cisco portfolio. With the help of Cisco Umbrella, Duo, Cisco ASA next-generation firewalls, and Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise service, you enjoy protection, no matter where your end users are.


Cisco Umbrella checks DNS security

When your employees work from outside the company, the attack surface increases, and visibility on risks decreases. Cisco Umbrella eliminates these issues by combining advanced security features into a flexible, easy-to-install solution. In just a few minutes, Datanet specialists can help you to:

  • benefit from Domain Name Server protection;
  • detect compromised equipment;
  • block threats before they affect the company’s network and employee terminals.

Umbrella is a Cloud platform that promptly stops malware, ransomware attacks, and phishing attempts. Two-thirds of solution users reported over 75% reduction of malware infections.

To improve your cybersecurity, Datanet specialists can help you integrate Umbrella with other solutions. Such as CloudLock, with the help of which you control how employees use applications in the Cloud or Cisco AMP for Endpoints that integrates advanced malware protection technologies.


Duo guarantees the identity in remote work

By adopting remote work, the terminal devices are no longer in the company and in the control of the company, thus users are no longer protected by the perimeter systems, and applications can no longer be considered safe.

To verify the identity of users and devices in this situation, Datanet recommends the Duo solution, which works on the “Zero-trust” model: no user, device, or application trying to access company resources is safe until verified.

The product provides multi-factor authentication (MFA), “Secure Single Sign-On”, for users to quickly access applications, “Device Insight”, for troubleshooting equipment and “Duo Restore”, for backup and restoration.

Our specialists can help you integrate Duo with both Umbrella and Cisco AnyConnect, the VPN solution included in Datanet’s package.


Cisco ASA, a leader in the next-generation firewall segment

ASA Firewalls with FirePOWER Services have the role of increasing your protection at the company level and Cisco is a leader in the next-generation firewall (NGFW) market.


With Cisco ASA you have visibility and control over the accessed applications and you can:

  • uniformly application of security policies throughout the network;
  • prevent, detect and stop network threats;
  • filter and control traffic;
  • monitor the file path in the network;
  • protect against security breaches.

There are competitive advantages delivered through a flexible offer, which includes several product variants to meet a wide range of requirements. In addition, ASA solutions also benefit from extended compatibility. Datanet specialists can help you integrate them with Umbrella, for example, but also with solutions from other manufacturers, such as F5 SSL Orchestrator, to detect threats from encrypted traffic.

firewall encryption


Meraki SME provides centralized management of user devices

An element needed by companies in the context of remote work is Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise. This Cisco product provides unified management of end-user devices, PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and also allows centralized management of security policies for them – password requirements, mandatory security code on the device, locking access to the room, limiting data transfer volume on SIM cards, limiting access to certain mobile applications.


Datanet specialists ensure you a quick start for all the described components of the presented solution, intended for the cybersecurity of work from home systems.

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