In Cyber Security, the lack of resources (people, skills, tools) is already acute, while external and internal attacks are increasing. For this reason, contracting cybersecurity services (Security as a Service) becomes the most practical choice for companies that want to ensure a high level of security.

An annual study conducted by Cisco in Romania showed that in 2019, about 27% of local IT managers didn’t even know if their organizations had been hackers in the last two years. For what reasons? The limited budgets (46.5%), the shortage of specialists (32.6%) and the lack of adequate solutions (28.4%) have seriously restricted the activity of the security departments of local companies. Also for these reasons more and more companies are migrating from the classical method of security assurance – by using internal resources and competences – to accessing cybersecurity services delivered by external suppliers. The transition is facilitated by the fact that most organizations are already familiar with the as-a-Service consumption model, as a result of the widespread adoption of Cloud services in the enterprise environment. This is also seen in the evolution of the Security as-a-Service (SECaaS) market, which over the next five years is expected to increase by 240%. (From $ 8 billion in 2020 to $ 19 billion in 2025.)


How does SECaaS respond to local issues?

The Security as-a-Service model assures you, first and foremost, an improvement of the protection throughout the company. However, strictly referring to the three obstacles, described above, faced by local companies, here are the answers that this business model delivers:

  • Budgetary constraints – The as-a-Service model offers, from the beginning, predictability of expenditure, an important argument in the current economic context. Then, it gives you the opportunity to expand and/or shrink the security infrastructure, in line with evolving needs. Thus, the need for large initial investments with a long repayment rate disappears.
  • Deficit of specialists – For small and medium-sized companies, the situation of hiring specialists in cybersecurity becomes critical, in the context of the deficit in the labor market and the high salaries of these experts. However, using the services of a security service provider such as Datanet Systems, such problems disappear. A security service provider maintains a team of IT security specialists because it can optimize its use, sharing its competencies between several client companies.
  • Lack of adequate solutions – Lack of adequate solutions – The fact that 28% of managers claim that they do not have the necessary solutions to ensure security cannot be attributed only to budgetary constraints, but also to the lack of skills and specific experience, which will help them identify their own problems and appropriate solutions. In this case, a security service provider offers you the advantage of extensive expertise and, at the same time, the access to the latest generation security solutions, with validated efficiency.

What are the benefits of a cybersecurity package?

The list of direct advantages that you benefit from by using the services of a SECaaS provider is not limited to the above. To these are added:

  • Protection 24/7/365 – Through the Soitron Security Operations Center (SOC), Datanet permanently monitors your company’s infrastructure and security. When events reach a relevant risk level, alerts, information, and recommendations are issued to mitigate or eliminate them.
  • Scalability – Security-as-a-Service Infrastructure can be easily extended or restricted when new processes occur within the company;
  • Fast provisioning – Security-as-a-Service increases the speed at which you can provide multiple users with security services. Changes may be temporary or permanent.
  • Higher response speed – Datanet’s expertise and service portfolio help you reduce the number of false-positive alerts. This way you know faster what real problems you are facing and you can act in a timely manner.
  • Access to security solutions with validated performance – Datanet services are developed based on some of the most efficient security solutions currently available on the market, from market-leading companies such as  Cisco and F5.
  • Real-time updated protection – The IT Security Service Provider will promptly make the necessary updates to maintain the proper functioning of the protection means.
  • Alignment with compliance requirements – Compliance with the rules in force is simpler to achieve with the skills and support of a security service provider. An experienced service provider can provide you with the solutions you need and can recommend the necessary procedures.
  • Extended visibility – By bringing components under one umbrella, you have visibility over the entire security infrastructure and streamline the application of security rules.
  • Focus on core business operations – With the help of SECaaS, internal IT departments can focus on the company’s key activities.


Security as a Service, through Datanet Systems

Because processes, business needs, and budgets differ for each company, Datanet’s offer is structured on three packages of Security Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Through this approach, we cover several usage scenarios that we can adapt to the request. Thus, our security services can be used from the level of providing the standard security requirements and until the delivery of complex cybersecurity architectures for companies operating critical infrastructures.

We invite you to access our web page Security Infrastructure as a Service for more details on products, technical features and SLAs in our current offer.

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