Datanet Systems ensures business continuity
March 2020


Datanet Systems implements a plan of measures for limiting COVID-19 propagation and ensuring business continuity


Starting with 12.03.2020, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Datanet Systems has implemented a plan of measures to limit the spread of the virus and ensure the continuity of its activity.

These measures include informing employees about disease prevention measures, working from home, using disinfectant materials and protective equipment, as recommended by government agencies, limiting physical contact of employees, additional sanitation of Datanet locations, communicating illnesses and suspicious situations.

Datanet Systems company operates normally, with the fulfillment of its contractual obligations for product deliveries, service provision and SLA compliance.

Limiting COVID-19 virus propagation pathways is in everyone’s interest. In this regard, we ask Datanet customers and suppliers to agree to use in the business relationship of our employees with them, at the maximum possible level, the remote work and the audio/video conferencing means provided by Datanet or their own.

We invite customers interested in upgrading their IT infrastructure for remote work to find out about Datanet’s offer by visiting our dedicated webpage.

For further information and offers, please write to us at