Apr. 2020


In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought radical changes in economic activities and has required the application of firm measures of social distancing. Regardless of industry, companies and organizations adapt at an alert pace to the new business conditions and take multiple measures to protect employees.


Datanet Systems implemented on March 12 a business continuity plan  under the conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic

Since March 12, Datanet Systems has implemented an action plan for limiting the spread of the virus and ensuring business continuity. We continued to carry out our activity in normal parameters, with the fulfillment of the contractual obligations of product deliveries, services, and full compliance with SLAs.


IT solutions and services provided by Datanet under the conditions of the COVID-19 epidemic

In the conditions of social distancing imposed by the pandemic, working from home is essential for the activity of many companies. We have in our portfolio a suite of premium products and IT&C technical services that allow employees to collaborate easily and safely from a distance and contribute to ensuring business continuity for their organizations. Listed below are these solutions and services now available from Datanet Systems.


Work-from-home IT solutions

Our IT infrastructure solutions provide you with an efficient and secure remote working environment that supports your business continuity and ensure easy collaboration with other organizations that have voice/video communication systems.

Visit our work from home and collaboration solutions dedicated page to find out about the technical benefits and capabilities of this set of products and services.


Collaboration and IT Security Infrastructure as a service from Datanet

In order to facilitate the effort of investing and implementing the IT infrastructure for work from home, Datanet Systems provides the collaboration and IT security infrastructure as a service.

Visit our dedicated page to find out how your company can optimally use a modern, integrated and up-to-date IT security architecture, managed by a team of experts in the field, at a considerably lower cost than when providing IT security with in-house IT specialists.


Remote and on-site technical assistance services from Datanet

Datanet Systems provides remote or on-site advanced technical assistance services for installation, modification, and rapid restoring of IT and communications infrastructures, maintenance activities, solving any IT-related critical issues or increasing the operational capacity of your company’s data network or datacenter.

We also provide IT&C rapid technical support services through access to Datanet Systems Technical Assistance Center, available over the telephone and Internet, customer site interventions, expert assistance and 24/7 availability. Visit our dedicated page for details on Datanet’s technical support services.


Telemedicine solution

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a more acute need for physicians to be able to quickly consult with other specialists in the hospital and outside the hospital. Datanet Systems holds in its portfolio a technical solution of a telemedicine system that meets this need. The system was developed to meet the needs of the medical staff in the intensive care units and contains equipment and software for remote video and audio monitoring of patients, remote viewing of information delivered by radiology and ultrasound equipment, remote consultation with specialized physicians, secure online access to the video surveillance system for relatives of patients.

We invite you to access the page dedicated to the telemedicine solution to find out the features of this technical solution that is simple to use, fast to implement, and which benefit from 24/7 technical support services.

For more information, please drop us an email at marketing@datanets.ro or sales@datanets.ro.