Datanet Webinar: F5 Networks solutions for improving application protection, availability, and performance

Statistics show that hackers are increasingly using automated methods to detect and exploit computer security breaches. DDoS, Brute force, Scraping Attack, Credential Stuffing, Vulnerability Scan are among the most popular methods they use today. However, their number is considerably higher – OWASP, one of the leading resources in the field of IT security, names 21 “Automated Threats” attack methods targeting web applications.

In order to be prevented, detected and blocked in a timely manner, automated attack methods require advanced security solutions, such as F5 Networks’ Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) or BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) systems. The functionalities and benefits of those solution were presented and exemplified in detail in a webinar held by Datanet Systems specialists.


What does F5 Networks offers?


The main idea expressed in the webinar is that F5 Advanced WAF ensures the successful remediation of the most frequent cyberattacks and the effective protection of web applications, regardless of their size and complexity.

”The solution integrates machine learning mechanisms, which simplifies the process of configuring security policies, and through the various features included – such as Threat Campaigns, IP Intelligence or Credential Stuffing Protection – allows companies to increase the level of protection of their web applications, while reducing the number of false positive alerts. Additionally, Advanced WAF allows centralized security management of critical business applications, by placing the solution in front of the server cluster on which those applications are hosted, and by adding the BIG IP LTM module to this architecture, one can achieve a significant improvement in the performance and protection of the applications delivered to customers“, mentioned Bogdan Zglobiu, security consultant at Datanet Systems.

About the features of F5 Advanced WAF, we recommend that you read the article – ”Ensure protection of web applications with F5 Advanced WAF”.


Key features of the F5 BIG IP solution


The key features and benefits of using the F5 BIG IP LTM solution were detailed by Simona Ciobanu, network consultant at Datanet Systems: „The F5 Networks solution works as an Application Delivery Controller, capable of selectively directing and redirecting traffic, sending it to the right destination. The equipment intercepts, inspects and processes the requests received and responses sent by servers, and verifies their availability and status. BIG IP LTM not only balances traffic, but is a much more complex system, which offers a wide variety of features – such as Traffic Shaping, SSL Orchestrator, SSL Offloading, etc. The F5 solution is flexible and helps companies improve application availability, optimize end-user experience, and increase data protection.“


Webinar and demo recording


The presentations of the F5 Networks solutions were completed by a demo session, during which Bogdan Zglobiu exemplified the concrete way in which the Advanced WAF solution ensures the protection of the credentials used by the users who log in to an application. The demo illustrated several ways to protect your browser from intercepting data transmitted by users to a web application through malware: by renaming data fields, encrypting them, and dynamically adding new fields to the page code (so that automated “Bots” cannot detect and track the critical fields on that page).

The complete demonstration made by the Datanet specialist can be viewed below:


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